Reverend Karen A. Burger
Founder, CareNCompassion Canine Rescue Putnam County, New York

Think of the children

Eison's wake-up call will come one of these days, when these killing machines he is breeding attack one of his children or someone else's. I hope the Voice is included in the criminal cases and the lawsuits that will result.

Beth Sorensen
Portland, Oregon

Manual labor

The only good thing about that article was the few sentences about how this breed is not inherently dangerous. Maybe that should have been the focus of the article instead of giving a "how to" manual for making your dogs aggressive.

Jill Ellis
Rochester, New York

Urn second thought

In his article "Bombs (sic) Bursting in Air" [August 24–30], Michael Swindle takes issue with the statements about Hunter S. Thompson's ashes being "pulverized"—"It were FIRE!" he whined. I hate to disabuse him, but the "ashes" we get back from a crematorium are pulverized bone. At 2,000 degrees, flesh burns completely, leaving no ash. Bone doesn't burn. However, it is left very dry and brittle. The crematoriums take this bone and run it through a processor that pulverizes it. That's what they give you in the little urns—pulverized bone.

Dale Jennings
Houston, Texas

Thompson, gunner

I've read a number of articles that explain the situation of fans being held back by security at Owl Farm with the added remark that Thompson would not have approved. Authority and all that. Please. If Thompson were alive and a throng of fans pulled up at Owl Farm, they would be facing buckshot.

Evan Calford
Los Angeles, California

Don't blame Bush

Re "Errors of Commission" by James Ridgeway, with Natalie Wittlin [Mondo Washington, August 24–30] : You guys sure make a good case that the Clinton administration screwed up our intelligence agencies so bad in eight years that there is no way in hell Bush could have fixed them in eight months. I'm sending a copy your article to Arlen Specter and Rush Limbaugh.

Gary Miller
Fort Worth, Texas

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