CAPRICORN (Dec. 22–Jan. 19): It's a ripe moment for you to explore the mysteries of the void. I'm not being glib. You'd really benefit from becoming better friends with emptiness. Your well-being would rise a few levels if you expanded your appreciation for the value of doing nothing and thinking nothing. Do you dare live without your precious opinions and ambitions for a few days? Are you brave enough to gaze into the heart of the great unknown and be free of the need to explain it, change it, or judge it?

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18): A few years ago, the CEO of Ford Motors apologized for making SUVs. William Ford even referred to the Excursion, one of his company's huge pollution generators, as the "Ford Valdez," associating it with the ship that despoiled the Alaskan environment with an oil spill back in 1989. And yet that didn't stop Ford from continuing to manufacture gas-guzzlers. He saw the error of his ways but didn't correct it. Make him your anti–role model in the coming days, Aquarius. After you realize your mistake or excess, be gleefully uninhibited about fixing it and making amends.



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PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20): A blogger named Allison wrote this about me at beautifulsurprise.blogspot .com: "Brezsny's a little loopy. A little out there. A little 'I would have stopped for that red light, officer, but little green men from my personal goddess realm on the fifth parallel told my cat that I should be taking echinacea and bee pollen for my sniffles, and I didn't think it prudent to ignore such a suggestion.' ?" Like all of us, I periodically come across people who have a very different concept of me than I have of myself, but this discrepancy is extreme. In my own eyes, I'm grounded and full of common sense. And while I appreciate the New Age, I don't use its vernacular or share all of its values. I mention this, Pisces, as an example of your assignment in the coming week. Identify people with cracked notions about you, and either correct them or separate yourself from them.

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