September Songs

How young is a young choreographer and how old are the ideas she/he is slinging around?


DancenOw/NYC's Base Camp
Dance Theater Workshop
September 8

In Christopher K. Morgan's Mending Wall, pounding original music by MonstaH Black, manipulated onstage by the performer-composer, set up a disco atmosphere that melded oddly with Morgan's pointed use of Robert Frost's eponymous poem and with the high point of the piece: a frantic and touchingly funny monologue by Miguel Angel Estefan, Jr. (an angry response to being questioned by one of the other five) that included the memorable line, "My grandmother is my best roommate." Take these disparate strands along with some chairs, costume drapes that became bonds, and music that drowned the repeated words about what walls between people could mean, and you have a piece to turn viewers' brains to jelly.

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