CMJ Music Marathon

Hold Steady
Lincoln Center, fountain plaza, 212-799-3100.
Live, Craig Finn is so much more intense than on record, where he holds steady enough. A preacher-cum–Beat poet exhorting the congregation with emphatic gesticulations, he can barely conceal his amusement at the fix we are all in, and that amusement strengthens all who witness it. Also: Heavenly States, Chris Mills, the Rosebuds, Why? Noon. CHRISTGAU

Icarus Line + Pony Up
Northsix, 66 N 6th St, Bklyn, 718-599-5103.
Talk about a weird combo. The Icarus Line fluctuate between flaunting decadent rock blooze of the Rolling Stones and launching a cathartic scream-fest. The Montreal lasses in Pony Up would most likely host a great tea party and then make their stuffed animals make out with each other. With the Rakes, Neon Blond, Lion Fever, and Giant Drag. 8pm. FURY

Nashville Pussy + the A/K/A's + Zeke
CBGB, 315 Bowery, 212-982-4052.
For nine years now, Nashville Pussy have been solidly delivering full-blown, aggressive rawk and roll. Consciously putting the show into rock show, they dish up equal shares of heavy metal, '70s hard rock, and balls-out attitude; they're sure to leave you panting for more. Raw, punk, and in-your-face-with-a-beer-and-a-Farfisa the A/K/A's, as well as Seattle's fast-rock mainstays Zeke. Also: Jessie Diamond and the Thousand, Grafton, Square Johns, Honky. 7:30pm. HAAS

Acid Mothers Temple
photo: Minemoto Takeshi
Acid Mothers Temple


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  • Saturday
    September 17

    Cannibal Ox + Pete Rock
    Rothko, 116 Suffolk, 212-475-7088.
    With 4th Pyramid and C-Rayz Walz. 9pm.

    Circle + Psychic Paramount + Coptic Light + Khanate
    The Hook, 18 Commerce St, Bklyn, 718-797-3007.
    Labelmates Circle and Psychic Paramount both explore the dark side of the kraut: The Finnish Circle do so via Amon Dull–like campfire whispers that sometimes spit out loogies of molten metal; PP throttle with third-eye-opening space jams like Can stuck on fast reverse. Coptic Light mind-meld Caspar Br and Mahivishnu, Khanate's arty doom crawls about two Stegosaurus stomps ahead of (even slower) sister band Sunn 0))). With Mouthus and DJ Carlos Giffoni. 7:45pm. BOSLER

    Constantines + Wolf Parade + Rogue Wave + Fruit Bats + Holopaw
    Bowery Ballroom, 6 Delancey, 212-533-2111. Also: Kinski, Chad VanGaalen. 6pm.

    Cordero + Bobby Bare Jr. + Crooked Fingers
    Union Pool, 484 Union Ave, Bklyn, 718-609-0484.
    Venerable Chi-town roots rock label celebrates its decade-plus with compilation For a Decade of Sin, spins from the Numero Group, and live sets from New York couple Cordero purveying bilingual indie rock, country-rock heir Bare Jr. (who produced his father's latest), Eric Bachmann/ Crooked Fingers doing his thing solo, and more. Comp BBQ & PBR included! Also: Laura Minor, DeadString Brothers, Mary Lou Lord, Jennie Benford. 1pm. CRAZY HORSE

    Towers of London + We Are Scientists
    Scenic, 25 Ave B, 212-253-2595.
    My new favorite band, Towers of London thrust Guns N' Roses cock rock into Johnny Rotten's mouth and make him swallow. The result is masterfully sleazy. Plus, their shows often end in an arrest and/or broken furniture, so leave your dignity at home. Skinny white guys from Cali, We Are Scientists play sweaty, wired, herky-jerky pop stuff. With the Strays, Living Things, and Innaway. 9pm. FURY

    Turing Machine Plastic Constellations + Rahim
    CBGB, 315 Bowery, 212-982-4052.
    Turing Machine would be written off as a jam band if their noisy grooves didn't lock so tight; you could say that about the Stones too though, couldn't you. Don't. Minneapolis's Plastic Constellations, meanwhile, play mall punk under the indie-punk guise, and as soon as spare mathy trio Rahim drop their fear of fun, there'll be more to note beyond their love for Q and Not U. With the Hold Steady (see above), Friends Like These, and Tangiers. 7pm. SYLVESTER

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