Storm Front

In global warming's kitchen, hurricanes love the heat

That seems a shaky thing to bet on. But more and more people are taking that bet, whether they realize it or not: Around the world, coastal development is booming. That means that even if storms didn't increase in number or intensity, more people will likely die from hurricanes because more are living in their paths. Global warming just ups the ante.

As for other "human activities"—the ones that the EPA says are contributing to global warming—they include cars, trucks, and power plants. Like the trucks operated by the companies that support the American Trucking Association or the power plants of the Southern Company, both clients of Barbour's a few years back when he was lobbying the Bush administration, which—incidentally—pulled out of the Kyoto Protocol, rejected appeals from states and cities to regulate greenhouse gases, punted on new fuel economy standards, and let a former oil industry lobbyist edit EPA reports on climate change. At least Rita wasn't Nagasaki?

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