Andre's World

A kid needs imagination to survive high school and jail on Rikers Island

video: Andre enters the adult dorm
image: Showtime/'Rikers High'
On his 19th birthday, Andre is transferred to the adult section of the jail. He trades in his graffiti-covered tan uniform for a green one that is harder to customize. He brings his folder of cartoons and travels through the jail to "East Mod." The adult dorm is an entirely different vibe: The tough guys are "dieseled" to the max, the guy in the bunk next to Andre is midway through a sex-change, and a lecherous dude skulks a few feet away from him. Andre makes his new bed and then immediately gets out his pencil and pad. He starts sketching. Jason, who has the power to regenerate himself via a magic crystal, remains locked in an eternal fight against the Dark Lord and his spiked hands.

Life for Andre Blandon (lower left): Artist, Inmate, Student, Survivor
image: Showtime/'Rikers High'
Life for Andre Blandon (lower left): Artist, Inmate, Student, Survivor

Victor Buhler is a screenwriter and documentary filmmaker. His film "Rikers High" won the 'New York Loves Film' award for Best Documentary Feature at the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival.

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