Four Fetish Fanatics

Clowns, feet, cigarettes, and latex are fair game for fetishists

I see fetishists as passionate people looking to connect their vision of perfect sex with someone else's, rather than as impersonal automatons. After all, you don't just worship a pair of feet. You worship a person's feet (or someone ina latex outfit), and those people in turn can feel adored, desired, and wanted, not simply for their special soles, but for what their feet add to their persona. Fetishes are alive and well, not just in the ultra-glam set squeaking their way through play parties, but in countless bedrooms and brains of nerdy little perverts all over. Think about that the next time you huddle outside a bar for a smoke, admire a latex-clad ass, try on a pair of too high heels, or go to the circus. I certainly will.

Foot loose: A fetishist's grand view
photo: Rachel Kramer Bussel
Foot loose: A fetishist's grand view

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