Dialing Hillary

Hurting at home, Freddy Ferrer turns to national stars for help

Then again, it is an election. Things can happen. Momentum can change. Ferrer allies insist the race remains tighter than the polls would have you believe. Their man, they say, is up to the task, as long as he gets his message across. "I want to underscore that Freddy will do the job on his own. He will woo voters," Lynch says.

Freddy Ferrer, still hoping for help
photo: Kate Englund
Freddy Ferrer, still hoping for help


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  • And if the dynamics shift, Senator Clinton—and every key Democrat—might be seen working it for Ferrer. Clinton, after all, has been known to bust her butt for a chosen candidate. Remember her Herculean efforts on behalf of Schumer in 1998, when he took on her Whitewater nemesis, Senator Al D'Amato? Politicos still remember how the then first lady flew to New York four times just to stump for Schumer—how she made a special trip for a Manhattan get-out-the-vote rally the day before the elections. Ferrer could be next. "She could spend the last weekend campaigning and become a political kingmaker," says the veteran operative. "But I don't see it happening."

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