2,000 Troops Dead—and No End in Sight

American casualties reach grim milestone in Iraq

The Toll in Iraq: How Many More Must Die?
illustration: Viktor Koen
flash animation: Don Rainwater
Not all the 2,000 servicemembers who have died in the Iraq war have been identified yet nor added to Pentagon statistics that describe the dead and how they perished. However, the most recent version of those numbers (filed when the toll stood at 1,970) tells us something about the fallen.

They were mostly white (73 percent of them) and fewer than 50 were women. More than half were younger than 24. California, Texas, Pennsylvania, and New York are the states that lost the most soldiers. But American Samoa, Vermont, the Virgin Islands, and North Dakota suffered the most deaths per capita.

Two-thirds were in the Army; most of the rest were Marines, and a quarter of them were reservists or National Guard members. Nearly 60 percent of those killed held ranks lower than corporal, even though they make up only 43 percent of the military.

The vast majority of the dead were killed in combat, but 48 committed suicide and 10 were the victims of homicides. About a third of the dead were felled by "explosive devices," while 30 percent were killed in transportation mishaps. Forty-one died by drowning, 10 by electrocution, six from strokes, three from cancer, three from overdoses, and one by small arms. More of them died in April and November 2004—126 in each month—than in any other. Together, the 2,000 deceased are more than five times larger than the dead of the Persian Gulf War, and still fewer than died in any other U.S. war, the closest being the Spanish American War, in which 2,446 were killed.

These are their names:

Corporal Roberto Abad Commander Joseph Acevedo Sergeant Michael Dewayne Acklin II Specialist Genaro Acosta Private First Class Steven Acosta Captain James Francis Adamouski Private Algernon Adams Sergeant Brandon Edwin Adams Specialist Clarence Adams III Staff Sergeant Leonard Wade Adams Sergeant Mark P. Adams 1st Lieutenant Michael Robert Adams Private Michael Scott Adams Lieutenant Thomas Mullen Adams Specialist Jamaal Rashard Addison Lance Corporal Patrick Ryan Adle Lance Corporal Christopher Scott Adlesperger Lance Corporal Jeramy Alan Ailes Captain Tristan Neil Aitken Specialist Segun Frederick Akintade Captain Paul Christopher Alaniz Lance Corporal Nickalous Neil Aldrich Specialist Azhar Ali Sergeant Howard Paul Allen 1st Lieutenant Louis Edwin Allen Specialist Ronald Dean Allen Jr Staff Sergeant William Alvin Allers III Sergeant Glenn Richard Allison Specialist Jeremy Olin Allmon Lance Corporal Michael Jacob Allred Captain Eric Lewis Allton Corporal Nicanor Angel Alvarez Corporal Daniel Ray Amaya Specialist Jason Eric Ames Specialist John Douglas Amos II Lance Corporal Brian Edward Anderson Airman 1st Class Carl Lovetta Anderson Jr Specialist Danny Lamar Anderson Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael Charles Anderson Corporal Michael Dwayne Anderson Jr Corporal Nathan Richard Anderson Lance Corporal Nicholas Hale Anderson Lance Corporal Norman W. Anderson III Specialist Travis Wayne Anderson Sergeant 1st Class Victor Anthonio Anderson Specialist Michael Andrade Specialist Yoe Manuel Aneiros Lance Corporal Levi Tuddy Angell Specialist Edward John Anguiano Sergeant Kurtis Dean Kama Arcala Private First Class Elden David Arcand Specialist Michael Anthony Arciola Captain Derek Mears Argel Sergeant Roberto Arizola Jr Corporal Bradley Thomas Arms Sergeant Travis Mark Arndt Chief Warrant Officer Andrew Todd Arnold Staff Sergeant Daniel Laverne Arnold Staff Sergeant Larry Richard Arnold Sr Lance Corporal Alexander Scott Arredondo Specialist Richard Steve Arriaga Staff Sergeant Jimmy Javier Arroyave Specialist Robert Ray Arsiaga Sergeant Evan Asa Ashcraft Lance Corporal Trevor David Aston Private First Class Shawn Michael Atkins Major Jay Thomas Aubin Master Sergeant Steven Edward Auchman Captain Matthew Joseph August Lance Corporal Aaron Cole Austin Lance Corporal Andrew Julian Aviles Private First Class Eric Alonso Ayon Private First Class Lionel Ayro Specialist Travis Alan Babbitt Staff Sergeant Christopher James Babin Sergeant 1st Class Henry Albert Bacon Sergeant Andrew Joseph Baddick Staff Sergeant Daniel Aaron Bader Petty Officer 2nd Class Cesar Omar Baez Private First Class Roberto Carlos Baez Staff Sergeant Nathan Jerome Bailey Specialist Brian Keith Baker Sergeant Ronald Wayne Baker Specialist Ryan Travis Baker Sergeant Sherwood Russell Baker Chief Petty Officer Joel Egan Baldwin Private First Class Stephen Phillip Baldwyn Private First Class Chad Eric Bales Gunnery Sergeant Terry Wayne Ball Jr 1st Lieutenant Kenneth Michael Ballard Specialist Solomon Carias Bangayan Lieutenant Commander Dominic Rocco Baragona Private First Class Mark Alexander Barbret Specialist Collier Edwin Barcus Sergeant Michael Christopher Barkey Specialist Jonathan Paul Barnes 1st Lieutenant Christopher William Barnett Command Sergeant Major Edward Carl Barnhill 1st Sergeant Michael Scott Barnhill Corporal Jeremiah Allen Baro Lance Corporal Aric Julius Barr Staff Sergeant Michael Paul Barrera Specialist Bryan Edward Barron Sergeant Douglas Edwin Bascom Sergeant Todd Michael Bates Sergeant 1st Class Michael Battles Gunnery Sergeant Ronald Eric Baum Staff Sergeant Steven Gaamew Bayow Sergeant Alan Norman Bean Jr Specialist Bradley Scott Beard Corporal Jonathan Scott Beatty Specialist Beau Ramsey Beaulieu Captain Ryan Anthony Beaupre Private First Class Gunnar Duane Becker Specialist James Lee Beckstrand Private First Class Andrew Dennis Bedard Sergeant Joseph Otto Behnke Sergeant Gregory Allen Belanger Corporal Christopher Ward Belchik Sergeant Aubrey Dale Bell Specialist Rusty Wayne Bell Lance Corporal Timothy Michael Bell Jr Specialist Katrina Lani Bell-Johnson Private First Class Wilfred Davyrussell Bellard Staff Sergeant Joseph Paul Bellavia Staff Sergeant Jason A Benford Private First Class Stephen Christopher Benish Sergeant 1st Class William Monroe Bennett Sergeant 1st Class Michael Allen Benson Specialist Robert Theodore Benson Sergeant Bradley John Bergeron Lance Corporal Eric James Bernholtz 1st Lieutenant David Richard Bernstein Staff Sergeant Sean Brady Berry Specialist Joel Lin Bertoldie Staff Sergeant Stephen Anthony Bertolino Staff Sergeant Marvin Leslie Best Corporal Mark Anthony Bibby Lance Corporal Dustin V Birch Sergeant Benjamin Walter Biskie Sergeant Michael Edward Bitz Sergeant Jarrod William Black Lance Corporal Thomas Alan Blair Chief Warrant Officer Michael Thomas Blaise Captain Ernesto Manuel Blanco Staff Sergeant Brian Daniel Bland Command Sergeant Major James David Blankenbecler Lance Corporal Jeffery Steven Blanton Staff Sergeant Melvin Leslie Blazer Jr 2nd Lieutenant James Patrick Blecksmith Specialist Joseph Michael Blickenstaff Private First Class Nicholas Henry Blodgett Lance Corporal Nicholas William Baart Bloem Sergeant Trevor Arthur Blumberg Sergeant Michael Luke Boatright Sergeant Matthew Charles Bohling Lance Corporal Jeremy Lee Bohlman Gunnery Sergeant Jeffery Edward Bohr Lance Corporal Todd James Bolding Sergeant Dennis Joel Boles Sergeant 1st Class Craig Allen Boling Petty Officer 3rd Class Doyle Wayne Bollinger Jr Sergeant 1st Class Kelly Martin Liberato Bolor Staff Sergeant Jerry L. Bonifacio Jr. Captain Orlando Antonio Bonilla Staff Sergeant Stevon Alexander Booker Chief Warrant Officer Clarence Ernest Boone 1st Sergeant Michael Joseph Bordelon Captain John Javier Boria Corporal Jeffrey A Boskovitch Corporal Kirk Jay Bosselmann Staff Sergeant Andrew Lee Bossert Private First Class Rachel Krista Heather Bosveld Specialist Samuel M. Boswell Sergeant Nathan Kalani Bouchard Specialist Matthew George Boule Staff Sergeant Elvis Bourdon Lance Corporal Jeremy Daniel Bow Private First Class Samuel Robert Bowen Corporal Jonathan Williams Bowling Corporal Theodore Andrew Bowling Staff Sergeant Hesley Box Jr Private Noah Lee Boye Lance Corporal Aaron Robert Boyles Specialist Edward Walter Brabazon Corporal Nall Travis John Bradach Specialist Hoby Frank Bradfield Jr Staff Sergeant Kenneth Ray Bradley Staff Sergeant Stacey Craig Brandon Specialist David Joseph Brangman Lance Corporal David Michael Branning Specialist Artimus Demone Brassfield Private First Class Joel Kenneth Brattain Private First Class Jeffrey Francis Braun Specialist Joshua Thomas Brazee Chief Warrant Officer William Ignatius Brennan Specialist Adam Noel Brewer Staff Sergeant Steven Henry Bridges Staff Sergeant Scottie Lee Bright Specialist Kyle Adam Brinlee Seaman Pablito Pena Briones Jr Captain Sean Lee Brock Lance Corporal Adam Ryan Brooks Staff Sergeant Cory William Brooks Staff Sergeant William Jerome Brooks Sergeant Thomas Francis Broomhead Sergeant Andrew William Brown Technical Sergeant Bruce Eric Brown Lance Corporal Demarkus Demone Brown Lance Corporal Dominic Christopher Brown Sergeant Henry Levon Brown Staff Sergeant Jeremy Alexander Brown Private First Class John Eli Brown Specialist Larry Kenyatta Brown Specialist Lunsford Bernard Brown II Private First Class Nathan Patrick Brown Specialist Oliver J Brown Specialist Philip Dorman Brown Private First Class Timmy Ray Brown Jr 1st Lieutenant Tyler Hall Brown Corporal Andrew David Brownfield Corporal Travis Robert Bruce Petty Officer Nathan B Bruckenthal Lance Corporal Cedric Eugene Bruns Specialist Jacques Earl Brunson Lance Corporal Benjamin Saxon Bryan Sergeant Jack Bryant Jr 1st Lieutenant Todd Jason Bryant Lance Corporal Daniel Scott R. Bubb Staff Sergeant Ernest Glenn Bucklew Specialist Roy Russell Buckley Specialist Paul Joseph Bueche Lieutenant Commander Charles Henry Buehring Lance Corporal Brian Rory Buesing Staff Sergeant George Edward Buggs Corporal Jimmy Dale Buie Specialist Joshua Isaac Bunch Staff Sergeant Christopher Bunda Staff Sergeant Michael Lee Burbank Staff Sergeant Richard Alan Burdick Corporal Dale Alan Burger Jr Specialist Alan Joseph Burgess Lance Corporal Jeffrey Charles Burgess Specialist Taylor Joseph Burk Lance Corporal Tamario Demetrice Burkett Sergeant Travis Lee Burkhardt Lance Corporal Kyle Wayne Burns Specialist Eric Todd Burri Private First Class David Paul Burridge Specialist Jesse Ryan Buryj Private First Class Charles Edward Bush Jr Private Matthew Duane Bush Private First Class Damian Scott Bushart Specialist Adrian Josiah Butler Sergeant Jacob Lee Butler Lance Corporal Kenneth J. Butler Sergeant Casey Byers Captain Joshua Todd Byers Lance Corporal John Thomas Byrd II Lance Corporal Shayne Matthew Cabino Sergeant Juan Carlos Cabralbanuelos Staff Sergeant Marshall Hugh Caddy Private First Class Cody Shea Calavan Sergeant Juan Calderon Jr Sergeant Pablo Andres Calderon Sergeant Charles Todd Caldwell Specialist Nathaniel Alexander Caldwell Sergeant Rivera Carlos M Camacho Sergeant 1st Class Joseph Camara Corporal Lyle Jim Cambridge Sergeant Jeremy Martin Campbell Specialist Michael Curtis Campbell Sergeant Ryan Montgomery Campbell Specialist Marvin Antonio Campo-Siles Specialist Isaac Campoy Corporal Kelly Matthew Cannan Lance Corporal Wesley Joel Canning Fireman Jakia Sheree Cannon Private First Class Ryan Joseph Cantafio Specialist Ervin Caradine Jr Specialist Adolfo Cesar Carballo Private First Class Michael Marvin Carey Sergeant Deyson Ken Cariaga Sergeant Richard Paul Carl Specialist Ryan Gene Carlock Sergeant Michael Curtis Carlson Lance Corporal Benjamin Robert Carman Staff Sergeant Edward William Carman Specialist Jocelyn Luis Carrasquillo Specialist Miguel Carrasquillo Specialist Rafael Antonio Carrillo Jr Sergeant James Dustin Carroll Specialist Justin Blake Carter Sergeant David Mitchell Caruso Staff Sergeant Frank Timothy Carvill Private First Class Jose Casanova Jr Sergeant 1st Class Virgil Ray Case Captain Christopher Scott Cash Specialist Ahmed Akil Cason Lance Corporal James Allen Casper Major Paul Justin Cassidy Private First Class Stephen Anthony Castellano Lance Corporal Mario A Castillo Staff Sergeant Samuel Tyrone Castle Sr Lance Corporal Roger D Castleberry Jr Corporal Jonathan Castro Staff Sergeant Roland Lee Castro Sergeant Sean Kelly Cataudella Lance Corporal Steven Charles Tyler Cates 2nd Lieutenant James Jeffrey Cathey Specialist Thomas Day Caughman Staff Sergeant James Wilford Cawley Sergeant Jessica Lynn Cawvey Petty Officer 3rd Class David Ashley Cedergren Lance Corporal Manuel Adrian Ceniceros Specialist Bernard L. Ceo Sergeant Aaron Nathaniel Cepeda Sr Specialist Doron Chan Corporal Kemaphoom Ahn Chanawongse Specialist James Anderson Chance III Sergeant 1st Class William David Chaney Chief Warrant Officer Robert William Channell Jr Master Sergeant Chris Shayne Chapin Specialist Jason Kristoffer Chappell Lance Corporal Holly A Charette Lance Corporal Daniel Chavez Private First Class Jonathan Marshall Cheatham Sergeant Yihjyh Lang Chen Corporal Nicholas Oresti Cherava Lance Corporal Marcus Miguel Cherry 2nd Lieutenant Therrel Shane Childers Sergeant Kyle William Childress Private First Class Min Soo Choi Corporal Andrew Forest Chris Specialist Jeremy Edward Christensen Staff Sergeant Thomas Walter Christensen Sergeant Brett Thomas Christian Lance Corporal Michael Joseph Cifuentes Lance Corporal Alvarez Julio C Cisneros Corporal Jason Scot Clairday Specialist Arron Ray Clark Gunnery Sergeant Michael Joseph Clark Petty Officer 1st Class Regina Renee Clark Corporal Kevin Michael Clarke Sergeant Don Allen Clary Private First Class Nathan Bradley Clemons Lance Corporal Richard Chad Clifton Lance Corporal Donald John Cline Jr Private First Class Christopher Ronald Cobb Lance Corporal Kyle Wain Codner 1st Sergeant Christopher Dupont Coffin Corporal Michael Ryan Cohen Specialist Gavin James Colburn Private First Class Bradli Nathaniel Coleman Corporal Gary Brent Coleman 1st Lieutenant Benjamin Joseph Colgan Sergeant Russell Lee Collier Sergeant 1st Class Gary Lamar Collins Lance Corporal Jonathan William Collins Sergeant 1st Class Randy Duane Collins Chief Warrant Officer Lawrence Shane Colton Specialist Zeferino Eusebio Colunga Sergeant Robert Eugene Colvill Jr Sergeant 1st Class Kurt Joseph Comeaux Specialist Anthony Steven Cometa Lance Corporal Chase Johnson Comley Sergeant Kenneth Conde Jr Sergeant Brian R. Conner Sergeant Timothy Michael Conneway Specialist Steven Daniel Conover Captain Aaron Joseph Contreras Lance Corporal Pedro Contreras Sergeant Jason Chesley Cook Command Sergeant Major Eric Francis Cooke Master Sergeant Sean Michael Cooley Master Sergeant James Curtis Coons Private First Class Charles Steven Cooper Jr Staff Sergeant Travis Sentell Cooper Staff Sergeant Todd Ryan Cornell Sergeant Dennis Anthony Corral Staff Sergeant Victor Manuel Cortes III Sergeant David J Coullard Chief Warrant Officer Alexander Scott Coulter Sergeant Kelley Lance Courtney 2nd Lieutenant Matthew S Coutu 2nd Lieutenant Leonard Mallonee Cowherd III Specialist Gregory Alan Cox Private First Class Ryan Robert Cox Staff Sergeant Alexander Bailey Crackel Staff Sergeant Casey J Crate Lance Corporal Timothy Ryan Creager Specialist Tyler Loren Creamean Private First Class Michael Russell Creighton-Weldon Major Ricardo A Crocker Sergeant Michael Tyron Crockett Sergeant 1st Class Ricky Leon Crockett Sergeant Brud Joseph Cronkrite Lieutenant Commander Terrence K Crowe Lance Corporal Kyle Duanne Crowley Lance Corporal Adam J Crumpler Private Rey David Cuervo Specialist Kevin Alexander Cuming Specialist Daniel Francis Cunningham Jr Staff Sergeant Darren James Cunningham Sergeant Carl Francis Curran II Specialist Michael Edward Curtin Staff Sergeant Christopher Eric Cutchall Private First Class Brian Kenneth Cutter Specialist Edgar Potayre Daclan Jr Private First Class Anthony Domenic Dagostino Specialist Ernest Wayne Dallas Jr Captain Nathan Stephen Dalley Lance Corporal Andrew Steven Dang Specialist Danny Bruce Daniels II Private First Class Torey Jonteal Dantzler Private First Class Norman Darling Captain Eric Bruce Das Corporal Seamus M. Davey Lance Corporal Wesley Graham Davids Specialist Shawn Michael Davies Sergeant Anthony Jerome Davis Jr Private First Class Brandon Lee Davis Staff Sergeant Craig Davis Specialist Daryl Anthony Davis Staff Sergeant Donald Neal Davis Staff Sergeant Kevin Dewayne Davis Specialist Raphael Saptian Davis Sergeant 1st Class Wilbert Davis Sergeant Zachariah Scott Davis Staff Sergeant David Fredrick Day Staff Sergeant Jeffrey Francis Dayton Specialist Leon Lauro Garcia De Jr Specialist Darren Alan Deblanc Sergeant Matthew Lynn Deckard Specialist Michael Shawn Deem Private Jason Lee Deibler Sergeant Felix Mario Delgreco Jr Sergeant Jacob Henry Demand Corporal Kevin John Dempsey Lance Corporal Tenzin Dengkhim Staff Sergeant Mike Ashman Dennie Specialist Darryl Thomas Dent Private Cory Ramsey Depew Sergeant 1st Class Robert Valerian Derenda Corporal Dustin Alan Derga Specialist Brian Keith Derks Sergeant Andrew Joseph Derrick Private First Class Ervin Dervishi Specialist Daniel Alan Desens Jr Lance Corporal Travis Reid Desiato Private First Class Nathaniel Edward Detample Private First Class Michael Robin Deuel Private Michael John Deutsch Lance Corporal Daniel N Deyarmin Jr 1st Lieutenant Carlos Juan Diaz Specialist Sergio Rafael Diaz-Varela Corporal Tyler Joe Dickens Petty Officer 3rd Class Christopher Mason Dickerson Lance Corporal Joshua Wayne Dickinson Specialist Christopher Wayne Dickison Corporal Nicholas James Dieruf Sergeant 1st Class Trevor John Diesing Specialist Jeremiah Joseph Digiovanni Staff Sergeant Christopher William Dill Sergeant Catalin Dan Dima Specialist Jeremy Macanip Dimaranan Specialist Joshua Paul Dingler Sergeant Michael Anthony Diraimondo Specialist Anthony Joseph Dixon Private First Class Christopher Robert Dixon Specialist Thomas Karl Doerflinger Sergeant Ryan Edward Doltz 1st Lieutenant Mark Harold Dooley Staff Sergeant Michael Eugene Dooley Chief Warrant Officer Patrick Douglas Dorff Petty Officer 2nd Class Trace William Dossett Sergeant Thomas John Dostie Lance Corporal Scott Eugene Dougherty 1st Sergeant Robert John Dowdy Corporal Michael Andrew Downey Specialist Stephen Paul Downing II Major William Brian Downs Staff Sergeant Jeremy Wade Doyle Specialist Chad Hayden Drake Staff Sergeant George Ray Draughn Jr Private First Class Jeremy Lee Drexler Sergeant Charles Allen Drier Specialist Sang Robert L Du Specialist Christopher Michael Duffy Corporal Jason Lee Dunham Staff Sergeant Joe Larry Dunigan Jr Sergeant Brian Enrique Dunlap Sergeant Arnold Duplantier II Specialist William David Dusenbery 2nd Lieutenant Seth Jeremy Dvorin Petty Officer 2nd Class Jason Bosley Dwelley Lance Corporal Christopher Jenkins Dyer Sergeant 1st Class Donald Wayne Eacho Staff Sergeant Richard Selden Eaton Jr Specialist Blain Matthew Ebert Corporal Christopher Stephen Ebert Sergeant Gary Andrew Eckert Jr Sergeant William Cody Eckhart 1st Lieutenant William Anthony Edens Captain James Courtney Edge Specialist Marshall Lane Edgerton Sergeant Benjamin Charles Edinger Corporal Phillip Charles Edmundson Sergeant 1st Class Mark Oscar Edwards Private First Class Shawn Christopher Edwards Sergeant Michael Egan Staff Sergeant Kyle Andrew Eggers Specialist Andrew Christopher Ehrlich Private First Class Wyatt Dale Eisenhauer Sergeant Aaron Cutler Elandt Lance Corporal Justin Mark Ellsworth Specialist William River Iv Emanuel Lance Corporal Mark Eugene Engel Staff Sergeant Christian Philip Engeldrum Sergeant Peter Gerald Enos Lance Corporal Nicholas Brandon Erdy Sra Pedro Ignacio Espaillat Private First Class Analaura Esparza-Gutierrez Captain Phillip Thomas Esposito Sergeant Adam Wayne Estep Private Ruben Estrella-Soto Lance Corporal Jonathan E Etterling Private David Evans Jr Sergeant Michael Scott Evans II Specialist William Lee Evans Staff Sergeant Christopher Lee Everett Corporal Mark Asher Evnin Private First Class Jeremy Ricardo Ewing Sergeant Justin Lynn Eyerly Staff Sergeant Troy S. Ezernack Lance Corporal Bradley Michael Faircloth Private Jonathan Ioakimo Falaniko Staff Sergeant Donald Bernard Farmer Specialist Colby Mace Farnan Sergeant Andrew Kevin Farrar Jr Staff Sergeant Jefferey Jerome Farrow 1st Lieutenant Michael John Fasnacht Sergeant Huey Pierce Long Fassbender III Command Sergeant Major Steven Wayne Faulkenburg Sergeant James Daniel Faulkner Specialist Raymond Joseph Faulstich Jr Captain Brian Richard Faunce Captain Arthur Lejohn Felder Specialist Tyanna Sharay Felder Sergeant Robin Vincent Fell 2nd Lieutenant Paul Michael Felsberg Specialist Rian Christopher Ferguson Master Sergeant Richard Lee Ferguson Master Sergeant George Andrew Fernandez Sergeant William Valentin Fernandez Sergeant 1st Class Clint Daniel Ferrin Major Gregory John Fester Specialist Jon Paul Fettig Corporal Tyler Richard Fey Sergeant Damien Thai Ficek Sergeant Eric Andrew Fifer Lance Corporal Luis Alberto Figueroa Sergeant Michael Wayne Finke Jr Staff Sergeant Jeremy James Fischer Sergeant David Michael Fisher Specialist Dustin Cole Fisher Sergeant Paul Francis Fisher Corporal Joseph Earl Fite Lance Corporal Dustin Robert Fitzgerald Specialist Jacob Samuel Fletcher Lance Corporal Jonathan Ruben Flores Specialist Jose Ricardo Flores-Mejia Specialist Thomas Arthur Foley III Staff Sergeant Tommy I. Folks Jr. Private First Class Timothy Shane Folmar Private First Class Jesus Fonseca Gunnery Sergeant Elia Paietta Fontecchio Specialist David Harrison Iv Ford Specialist Jason Christopher Ford Captain Travis Allen Ford Chief Warrant Officer Wesley Charles Fortenberry Sergeant Maurice Keith Fortune Sergeant 1st Class Bradley Charles Fox Lance Corporal Travis Allen Fox Sergeant Craig Stuart Frank Lance Corporal Phillip Edward Frank Captain Stephen William Frank Staff Sergeant Bobby Charles Franklin Specialist Michael William Franklin Private Robert Lewis Frantz Specialist Lucas A. Frantz Lance Corporal Grant Bruce Fraser Specialist Kendall K. Frederick Private Benjamin Lee Freeman Sergeant Bryan Lee Freeman Jr Corporal Carrie Lee French Captain Jeremy Jeff Fresques Lance Corporal David Keith Fribley Sergeant Armand L Frickey Sergeant David Travis Friedrich Specialist Luke Peirce Frist Specialist Adam Dalrymple Froehlich Private Kurt Russell Frosheiser Private First Class Jason Lee Frye Specialist Nichole Marie Frye Specialist Ray Michael Fuhrmann II Staff Sergeant Carl Ray Fuller 1st Lieutenant Travis J Fuller Lance Corporal Kane Michael Funke Sergeant Donald D. Furman Sergeant 1st Class Dan Henry Gabrielson 2nd Lieutenant Clifford Valentino Gadsden Lance Corporal Jonathan Earl Gadsden Sergeant Jerry Lewis Ganey Jr Major Richard John Gannon II Sergeant Seth Kristian Garceau Specialist Tomas Garces Staff Sergeant Arana Juan DeDios Garcia Sergeant Javier Jesus Garcia Lance Corporal Derek Lloyd Gardner Corporal Jose Angel Garibay Specialist Joseph Martin Garmback Jr Sergeant Landis Wayne Garrison Sergeant Justin Wrisley Garvey Staff Sergeant Joseph Paul Garyantes Specialist Israel Garza 1st Sergeant Joe Jesus Garza Private First Class Juan Guadalupe Garza Jr Sergeant Cari Anne Gasiewicz Lance Corporal Dimitrios Gavriel Specialist George Raymond Geer Sergeant Christopher David Gelineau Specialist Clinton Ross Gertson Lance Corporal Cory Ryan Geurin 1st Lieutenant David Lawrence Giaimo Corporal Peter John Giannopoulos Specialist Mathew Vincent Gibbs Sergeant 1st Class Todd Clayton Gibbs Corporal Christopher Alan Gibson Corporal Timothy Mark Gibson 2nd Lieutenant Richard Brian Gienau 1st Sergeant Alan Nye Gifford Private Jonathan Lee Gifford Sergeant Carlos Javier Gil Private First Class Kyle Charles Gilbert Corporal Richard Alan Gilbert Jr Private First Class Landon Scott Giles Corporal Steven Patrick Gill Staff Sergeant Charles Crum Gillican III Sergeant Major Cornell Winston Gilmore I Petty Officer 3rd Class Ronald Albert Ginther Private First Class Jesse Alan Givens Specialist Steven Ray Givens Specialist Michael Todd Gleason Sergeant Lee Myles Godbolt Corporal Todd Justin Godwin 2nd Lieutenant James Michael Goins Sergeant Christopher Allen Golby Sergeant David Jonathan Goldberg Lance Corporal Shane Lee Goldman Staff Sergeant Cordova Ramon Ernesto Gonzales Corporal Armando Ariel Gonzalez Lance Corporal Benjamin Rigoberto Gonzalez Corporal Jesus Angel Gonzalez Corporal Jorge Alonso Gonzalez Private First Class Rodriguez Jose Franci Gonzalez Lance Corporal Victor Avila Gonzalez Corporal Bernard George Gooden Sergeant Dakotah Lee Gooding Private First Class Gregory Ronald Goodrich Staff Sergeant Joseph Patrick Goodrich Staff Sergeant Anthony Lee Goodwin Captain Lyle L Gordon Sergeant 1st Class Richard Steven Gottfried Specialist Richard Allen Goward Sergeant James Randolph Graham III 2nd Lieutenant Jeffrey Carl Graham Lance Corporal Lance Tanner Graham Staff Sergeant Shawn Alexander Graham Private Brian Keith Grant Lance Corporal Jonathan Walter Grant Staff Sergeant Jamie Alan Gray Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael Jason Gray Sergeant Tommy Lee Gray Lance Corporal Torrey Louis Gray Corporal Jeffrey George Green Specialist Toccara Renee Green Lieutenant Commander David Scott Greene Private First Class Nicholas James Greer Private First Class Devin James Grella Staff Sergeant Daniel Gene Gresham Lance Corporal Jourdan Lin Grez Specialist Kyle Andrew Griffin Staff Sergeant Patrick Lee Griffin Jr Staff Sergeant Donald Delbert Griffith Jr Specialist James T. Grijalva Sergeant Sean Richard Grilley Corporal Kyle Jason Grimes Captain Sean Patrick Grimes Specialist Daniel Frank Guastaferro Sergeant Jose Rodriguez Guereca Jr Private Ernesto Rodolfo Guerra Private First Class Joseph Robert Guerrera Chief Warrant Officer Hans Nicholas Gukeisen Private First Class Christian Daniel Gurtner Lance Corporal Jose Gutierrez Private First Class Robert Allen Guy Private First Class Richard William Hafer Sergeant Jonathon Christopher Haggin Staff Sergeant Guy Stanley Hagy Jr Sergeant 1st Class Peter James Hahn Specialist Charles Guyn Haight Lance Corporal Michael James Halal Specialist Robert Eugene Hall Jr Private First Class Deryk Lyell Hallal Private First Class Jesse Marinus Halling Private First Class Andrew Jason Halverson Chief Warrant Officer Eric Anders Halvorsen Corporal Nathaniel Thomas Hammond Captain Kimberly Nicole Hampton Sergeant Michael Scott Hancock Lance Corporal Michael Wayne Hanks Private First Class Fernando Baxter Hannon Staff Sergeant Warren Scott Hansen Lance Corporal Charles Allen Hanson Jr Sergeant James William Harlan Sergeant Atanacio Haromarin Sergeant Bradley Jared Harper Staff Sergeant Gary R. Harper Jr. Staff Sergeant William Merrill Harrell Sergeant Foster Lee Harrington Private First Class Adam Joseph Harris Sergeant Kenneth Wayne Harris Jr 1st Lieutenant Noah Harris Private First Class Torry Devon Harris Private First Class Leroy Harris-Kelly Specialist George Daniel Harrison Private First Class John Daniel Hart Staff Sergeant Nathaniel Hart Jr Specialist Adam James Harting Captain Ralph John Harting III Specialist Jared Douglas Hartley Sergeant 1st Class David Alan Hartman Sergeant Jonathan Nicholas Hartman Staff Sergeant Stephen Clarence Hattamer Private First Class Eagle Sheldon Ray Hawk Staff Sergeant Omer Thomas Hawkins II Staff Sergeant Asbury Fred Hawn II Chief Warrant Officer Dennis Patrick Hay Specialist Erik Wayne Hayes Specialist Michael Ray Hayes Sergeant Timothy Lawrence Hayslett Chief Warrant Officer Brian David Hazelgrove Sergeant David Michael Heath Specialist Justin William Hebert Sergeant Christopher Todd Heflin Private First Class Damian Laquasha Heidelberg Specialist Raheen Tyson Heighter Specialist Jeremy Michael Heines Lance Corporal Erik Ryan Heldt Staff Sergeant Brian Richard Hellerman Sergeant Paul Martin Heltzel Staff Sergeant Terry Wayne Hemingway Corporal Matthew Charles Henderson 1st Lieutenant Robert Lewis Henderson II Staff Sergeant Kenneth Wayne Hendrickson Specialist Robert Taylor Hendrickson Staff Sergeant Jason Russell Hendrix Sergeant Jack Taft Hennessy Specialist Chassan Sandu Henry Specialist Joshua Justice Henry Private First Class Clayton Welch Henson Specialist Jeffrey Stewart Henthorn Corporal Joseph Javier Heredia Sergeant Armando Hernandez Sergeant Frank Bustamante Hernandez Lance Corporal Tony Leigh Hernandez Corporal Joseph Franklin Herndon II Lance Corporal Evenor C Herrera Private First Class Edward James Herrgott Sergeant Jacob Robert Herring Corporal Cory Michael Hewitt Sergeant 1st Class Gregory Brian Hicks Lance Corporal Chad R. Hildebrandt Specialist Christopher Kenneth Hill Lance Corporal Eric Dean Hillenburg Specialist Stephen Dustin Hiller Sergeant Keicia Melia Hines Private First Class Timothy James Hines Jr Captain Kelly Curtis Hinz Private First Class Melissa Jennifer Hobart Specialist Jeremy M. Hodge Lance Corporal Erick James Hodges Sergeant Nicolas Michael Hodson 1st Lieutenant Nainoa KealIIhokuhelelani Hoe Sergeant 1st Class James Thomas Hoffman Sergeant Justin Fenton Hoffman Staff Sergeant Theodore Samuel Holder II Specialist Christopher James Holland Sergeant 1st Class Robert Lee Hollar Jr Staff Sergeant Aaron Nathaniel Holleyman Staff Sergeant Lincoln Daniel Hollinsaid Lance Corporal Matthew Wayne Holloway Specialist James Jay Holmes Lance Corporal Jeffery Scott Holmes Sergeant Jeremiah John Holmes Corporal Terry Holmes Airman 1st Class Antoine Jermaine Holt Corporal Paul Carroll Holter III Lance Corporal Brian Chase Hopper Private First Class Sean Lee Horn Master Sergeant Kelly Lewis Hornbeck Sergeant Manny Hornedo Master Sergeant Robert Mark Horrigan Staff Sergeant Jeremy Richard Horton Specialist Christopher Lee Hoskins Lance Corporal David Burton Houck Captain Andrew Ryan Houghton Sergeant Jessica Marie Housby Petty Officer 3rd Class John Daniel House Sergeant Thomas Eugene Houser Staff Sergeant John Ryan Howard Sergeant 1st Class Casey Elwin Howe Lance Corporal Gregory Christopher Howman Specialist Bert Edwards Hoyer Specialist Robert William Hoyt Lance Corporal Jared Patrick Hubbard Lance Corporal Tavon Lee Hubbard Specialist Cory Allen Hubbell Private First Class Aaron Mark Hudson Private First Class Christopher Edwin Hudson Staff Sergeant Sean Patrick Huey Private First Class Sam Williams Huff 1st Lieutenant Doyle Maurice Hufstedler Staff Sergeant Jamie Lee Huggins Sergeant Jonathan Adam Hughes Sergeant Eric Raymond Hull Petty Officer 1st Class Thomas Carlton Hull Corporal Barton Russell Humlhanz Private First Class Isaiah Robert Hunt Sergeant Joseph Daniel Hunt Lance Corporal Justin Thomas Hunt Master Sergeant Kenneth E. Hunt Jr. Specialist Simeon Hunte 1st Lieutenant Joshua Charles Hurley Lance Corporal James Benton Huston Jr Lance Corporal Seth Ryan Huston Private Nolen Ryan Hutchings Specialist Ray Joseph Hutchinson Private Gregory Paul Huxley Jr Specialist Nicholas Ryan Idalski Staff Sergeant Thor Harrison Ingraham Staff Sergeant Henry Edison Irizarry Sergeant Benjamin Warren Isenberg Specialist Craig Steven Ivory Staff Sergeant Kendall Howard Ivy II Captain Edward Donald Iwan

. . . continued.

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