SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21): In ancient Greek mythology, Tantalus got into trouble with the gods for spilling their secrets to human beings. As punishment, he was condemned to spend eternity standing in a pool of water surrounded by trees full of ripe pears, apples, and pomegranates. Whenever he bent down to take a drink, the pool dried up. When he reached out for a fruit, the branch receded out of his grasp. He was always parched and famished even though nourishment was inches away. His name is the origin of the English word tantalize. There has been a situation in your life with a certain resemblance to his. Luckily, I see it ending soon. I'm not guaranteeing that you will finally sip the water or eat the fruit, though that's a possibility. At the very least, you'll be allowed to walk away from the accursed place and start fresh elsewhere.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22–Jan. 19): In their new book The Truth Will Out: Unmasking the Real Shakespeare, Brenda James and William Rubinstein make an interesting case for the theory that the real author of Shakespeare's works was the diplomat and courtier Sir Henry Neville. I'm not sufficiently knowledgeable about the subject to evaluate their arguments, but I'm pretty sure that you will soon have a feeling similar to what Neville might be having if he were alive. Some reward or credit that has long been denied you will finally be yours. Vindication is nigh.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20—Feb. 18): A few weeks ago, a teenage Chinese boy put on a blindfold and walked backward across a 650-foot steel cable suspended over the lairs of lions and tigers at a zoo. If there is an equivalent feat you've been dreaming about trying, Aquarius, you might want to schedule it for the coming week. Luck and magic will be available to you in abundance. Please keep in mind, though, that you'll still need to perform your special skills with an excellence that surpasses anything you've managed in the past.



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PISCES (Feb. 19—March 20):] From 1989 through 1991, revolution swept through the countries behind the Iron Curtain, bringing radical reform in its wake. In the West, the closest modern approximation to this outbreak was the insurrection that rocked France in 1968. At that time, millions of students and workers led protests that brought business as usual to a halt. One of the famous pieces of graffiti that appeared on public walls during the uprising was "Be realistic: Demand the impossible." I suggest you make that your slogan in the coming weeks, Pisces. Imagine you have the power to instigate near-miraculous changes as you fight to inject more of your highest ideals into the institutions that affect you so much.

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