The Show I Hate to Love

Is Lost an elaborately plotted action mystery or just flimsy trash? Depends on who you ask.

Lost has developed its core characters remarkably well, allowing backstories to slowly seep out. And plenty of "ordinary people" survived the crash; they just don't get lines. In one of last season's funniest scenes, a background character named Arzt stepped out of the shadows to express resentment of the clique that dominates their burgeoning society. "I'm sorry that I'm not cool enough to be part of your merry little band of adventurers," he whined. Shortly thereafter, he got blown to smithereens.

Matthew Fox (right) as Jack Shephard
photo: Mario Perez
Matthew Fox (right) as Jack Shephard


Wednesdays at 9 on ABC

Lost can take itself so seriously because it isn't afraid to mock its genre elements—very Buffy, really. Like when Hurley reminds Jack that "life's not so bad" on the desert island. "I mean, sure, 'the others' are coming to eat us all and every so often someone blows up all over you—but you do get to sleep late every morning!"

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