. . . And to All Some Good Nights

Festive fun that's both naughty and nice

Dec 25, Steinhardt Building, 35 W 67th, 212-601-1000, makor.com

Coney Island Polar Bear Club's Annual New Year's Day Swim

illustration: Gina Triplett and Matt Curtius

To understand the joys of diving repeatedly into freezing cold water, join the country's oldest winter-swimming organization on Coney Island beach every Sunday. Wearing nothing but a bathing suit and neoprene surf boots, members of the group dip into the Atlantic while onlookers cheer. On January 1, hundreds of people will join the club for a painful yearly ritual, featuring plenty of screaming. AVIV

Every Sun through May & Jan 1, Coney Island Beach, 718-356-7741, polarbearclub.org

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