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Gifts for addicts and fanatics; Lyric Hi-Fi, 1221 Lexington Ave, 212-439-1900;; New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, 310 E 14th, 212-979-4340


Crosley Stack-O-Matic Traveler, three-speed record player, $179.95
photo: Holly McDade
Crosley Stack-O-Matic Traveler, three-speed record player, $179.95

Cosmopolitan magazine (1936), $40
photo: Holly McDade
The common species of Periodical Collector can be spotted peeking from behind tall stacks of half-read magazines piled on every horizontal surface of their habitat. They carefully build their nest of short-form reading, pleasantly free from the commitment beloved by the closely related Bookworm. To gain their trust, give them a vintage fashion magazine from Gallagher's; a 1936Cosmopolitan featuring a festive holiday cover sells for $40. Or bestow the gift that keeps on giving and head to Nikos Magazine & Smoke Shop to pick up an issue to wrap up while you mail in the subscription card of a pub they might not be familiar with. Suggestions include the independently published music magazine Paste ($49.95 for 16 issues), which is filled with indie-music features and includes a sampler CD with each installment. For techie film geeks, a subscription to Res ($24.95 for 6 issues) will keep them informed on creative digital filmmaking. A bonus DVD of shorts and music videos arrives inside each issue. Even if this addict has all the publications they need, he or she could surely use a vintage magazine rack from Waldorf Hysteria ($25–$35), which will allow them to display their ephemera in a slightly more organized fashion. REMSBERG

Gallagher's Fashion and Design, 126 E 12th, 212-473-0840,; Nikos Magazine & Smoke Shop, 462 Sixth Ave, 212-255-9175; Waldorf Hysteria, 165 Ave B, 212-673-6284


Face it, for some women there is one and only one appropriate gift: jewelry. The good news is they usually let you know in advance by hinting all over the place. The bad news is that unoriginal jewelry is everywhere, multiplying and infecting stores and boutiques all over the city, making it tricky to spot unique goods. EDGEnyNOHO, a new designer-run market, has hip, one-of-a-kind baubles from a variety of undiscovered talents. Stroll down the long glass cases in the center of the store until something sparkly catches your eye. A dramatic necklace by Draugsvold ($175) plays with scale by using large brass rings, three-inch-wide hummingbirds, and clear crystal beads. Sterling silver horseshoe rings by Spragwerks ($65) are decidedly non-girlie accents, reminiscent of flash tattoo designs. Nabi provides sweet and delicate contributions, including charm-laden safety pin broaches ($52). If your giftee already has enough trinkets to decorate the tree at Rockefeller Center, Anthropologie has jewelry boxes ($38–98) covered in velvet, satin, and brocade that dazzle all on their own. REMSBERG

EDGEnyNOHO, 65 Bleecker, 212-358-0255,; Anthropologie, 85 Fifth Ave, 212-627-5885,


Your muscle-bound friend whose interest can only be peaked by mentioning dumbbells might appreciate something other than protein this year. Power walk to Paragon, where you can find lots for your fitness fanatic. The Ogio Turbulence duffel bag ($60), which can apparently withstand anything judging from the name, features a vented compartment for smelly gym shoes, mesh water-bottle pockets, a pouch for an iPod, and more. Plus, it comes in orange or black. If you really want to make your buddy go apeshit, pick up the 30-meter water- resistant Polar F6 watch ($109.95). Not only does it tell time, but it also establishes personal target heart rate zones, tracks calories and percentage of fat burned, determines body mass index, and allows online transference of exercise data. Whew! Lastly, the gift any workout fiend would love: a 55-minute "Reflexology, Neck and Shoulder" massage ($115) from Equinox's spa. Focusing mostly on the feet, this session gives overworked stair-steppers a luxurious time-out, while aiding in overall detoxification and stimulating proper body function. Just prepare for potentially bone-crushing hugs. FRANKLIN

Paragon Sports, 867 Bway, 212-255-8036,; Equinox, 10 Columbus Cir, 212-871-0425,


Christopher Brosius once wrote a perfume manifesto, filled with love/hate enigmas like "A lazy and inelegant concession to fashionable ego," which would give him the name of his future company, CB I Hate Perfume. The first perfumer to be included in a major museum for the design of scent, Brosius makes fragrances conceived on abstractions: In the Library, Mr. Hulot's Holiday ($45). He also does custom blends in his Williamsburg gallery (starting at $50 plus the cost of materials); for those who "miss the point entirely," he says, "I simply sigh and direct them to Bloomingdale's." Or Saks, we presume, where more mass-market girls find Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb ($95 and up), a pink grenade with top notes of tea and bergamot and something of an It perfume. Bond No. 9, famous for bottling New York City neighborhoods (Nouveau Bowery, Chelsea Flowers), offers an alluring selection of vintage accomplices, such as a shimmering glass egg with a tasseled atomizer ($115). FONG

CB I Hate Perfume, 93 Wythe Ave, Bklyn, 718- 384-6890; Saks Fifth Avenue, 611 Fifth Ave, 212-753-4000; Bond No. 9, 9 Bond, 212-228-1732


When your sister gave you the silent treatment after you sat on the couch with subway-worn clothes, it became clear that she's a tad touchy about spotlessness. No worries, Tiny Living has something she'll relish. The sleek, steel Blomus magnetic board ($41), akin to a modern bulletin board, is perforated so she can attach trays for stowing sunglasses, a paper dispenser, hooks for hanging keys, magnets to post shopping lists, and more. Foam-lined microfiber Casabella kitchen gloves in pink or lavender ($5.99) will help keep her gift as shiny as the day it was unwrapped. A great alternative to sponges, they remove dust and gunk sans cleaning products. And while on the organizational tip, any type A personality would kick up their heels using the sheer blue or silver Hipce CD-filing system (holds 80 to 120 disks; $29.95–$31.95). A drawer glides out with the press of a button bearing alphabetized slips. Plus, there's a lock and key so your sibling can sleep soundly knowing that nothing will ever be moved out of place. FRANKLIN

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