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Casabella, Bed Bath & Beyond, 620 Sixth Ave, 212-255-3550; Tiny Living, 125 E 7th, 212-228-274


Crosley Stack-O-Matic Traveler, three-speed record player, $179.95
photo: Holly McDade
Crosley Stack-O-Matic Traveler, three-speed record player, $179.95

We all have friends who'd rather be someplace else than here. Instead of buying this globe- trotter a plane ticket you can't afford to some far-off destination, opt for something equally fitting and less pricey. The Swiss Army Soho store not only carries an assortment of pocket knives but durable travel gear as well. Their Mobilizer 22 Ultra-Light wheeled suitcase ($299.99) in classic red delivers on its name: It's super-compact with plenty of pockets and lightweight for easy maneuvering in crowded airports. If you're more of an under-$50 gift-giver, the American Apparel Airplane Blanket ($28) is made of California fleece, comes in plenty of colors, and is big enough to cover your jet-lagged pal. Or you can buy them Assouline's Adventure Hotel Stories ($40). A coffee-table must-have for any escape artist, the book takes readers from climbing to the top of the world in Nepal with Sir Edmund Hillary, to surviving in the Brazilian jungle in Amazonia with Peter Fleming, to lots of other places in between. Bon voyage! BASTIDAS

Swiss Army Soho, 136 Prince, 212-965-5714; American Apparel, 104 N 6th St, Bklyn, 718-218-0002;


It's time to find a present for that friend you lovingly refer to as "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." One sip of morning java turns this raging maniac into a tolerable companion. For the fiend that is always on the go, Boss Coffee ($1.89–$2.49) is the ultimate in prepared iced-coffee drinks. Made in Japan, each can features the company logo and the picture of a classic boss man smoking a pipe. One can even shows the boss riding tall on a motorcycle, perhaps to show you how macho a tiny 6.7 ounce beverage with milk and sugar can be. If the politics of bean-growing are keeping you from making a guilt-free purchase, Allegro Coffee tackles two important issues in the coffee business: sustainable farming and fair-trade pricing. Bags of whole beans are available in enough varieties—single origins, blends, and even decaf ($5.99 for eight ounces)—to soothe the wildest thing. The gentle art-loving side of your caffeine-dependent pal will appreciate a set of Illy espresso cups designed by artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel ($160). Each of the five cups has a different version of Schnabel's chilled-out surfer dude Chuck, and comes packaged in a life-preserver-shaped box, because even the crankiest among us deserves to be saved. REMSBERG

Boss coffee, Sunrise Mart, 212-598-3040, 4 Stuyvesant, 2nd fl; Illy Gallery, 382 W Bway, open until December 15, or; Allegro Coffee, Whole Foods, 212-823-9600, 10 Columbus Cir


Product divas who worship at the altar of Sephoras everywhere need not be punished for the holidays. Instead, toast your favorite beauty junkie with some bubbly—in the form of champagne, which contains antioxidants that infuse the skin with vitamins, especially when directly applied. Euphoria Day Spa in Tribeca offers gift certificates for a Body Bellini ($99), a decadent scrub that delivers glowing skin on contact. The spa pairs the treatment with a glass of the real thing for recipients to enjoy while getting pampered. If your darling is a bit more old-fashioned, one of our favorite apothecaries C.O. Bigelow sells vintage gift sets that any classic beauty would love. Their Tinted Love trio of lip shines ($16.50) gives kissers that extra hue and come in a collectible tin. All you need is the mistletoe. If your favorite narcissist is of the male variety, he'll appreciate the World's Greatest Shave kit ($49.50), which includes shaving cream, witch hazel, and aftershave lotion for fellas with sensitive skin. BASTIDAS

Euphoria Day Spa, 18 Harrison, 2nd fl, 212-925-5925; C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries , 414 Sixth Ave, 212-533-2700

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