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Gray Lady Scorns Mirror, Urges Battered Ferrer to Count Self-Inflicted Wounds

14. How often did the Times report the pre-primary results of the Quinnipiac and Marist polls? 21, in stories from June to September. After the primary, how often did it report that Quinnipiac had missed Ferrer's winning 40 percent by eight points and that Marist missed by four to six points? Zero. In how many pieces did it report the pre-general-election results of these two polls? 14. How many stories did the paper print critiquing the 19-point Quinnipiac and 15-point Marist errors in their final polls? Zero.

15. When Bloomberg boycotted the Apollo debate, the NYT (a) headlined its first story "Mayor and Ferrer Agree to a Plan for 2 Debates," (b) led that story with the assertion that the "agreement" broke "a standoff," even though Ferrer was quoted inside the story objecting to the debate schedule that, in fact, Bloomberg had unilaterally determined, (c) took 10 days to observe editorially that Bloomberg was using his "wealth advantage to make his own rules for the debates" by skipping a Campaign Finance Board–sponsored event, (d) all of the above? (d).

16. In my own moment of self-reflection, I should note that I (a) predicted in August that race would "determine the winner" and that the city "may wind up gripped by a racial dynamic it hasn't experienced since 1989," (b) dubiously posed the question of whether Bloomberg could "win enough of the minority vote by being evenhanded and capable," (c) wrote a pre-election piece about six Bloomberg LP controversies that was half a loaf, which I stand behind but understand the questions others have raised, (d) all of the above? A big (d).

Not satisfied with simply favoring Bloomberg, the Times joined the tabloids in trashing Ferrer
photo: Cary Conover
Not satisfied with simply favoring Bloomberg, the Times joined the tabloids in trashing Ferrer


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