Beauty and the Modeling Beast

Talking with Top Model contestant Kim Stolz

How do feel about the idea of being a role model for other gay women, perhaps those with an interest in fashion or television? I hope I represented the people well who were counting on me to give a good name to lesbians in the fashion and modeling industry.

It seems like the show was always hoping for some girl-on-girl action. Every contestant who left the show that you were friends with, they'd immediately pan to your face. Yeah, I know, I know. My close relationships with the girls were focused on much more than anyone else's, and at times that was a little bit frustrating, but it was also just funny to watch. I'm not someone who's going to take it and cry about it in my room. I was like, all right, whatever, I'll have more camera time. Fine, go straight to my face when Kyle's eliminated and have me cry hysterically cause I'm in love with her! Whatever.

You have an unabashed love of McDonald's, which you claim you ate a couple times a week in college. Would you get comments about what you ate during the show from others? Those girls are tiny. It's unbelievable. Certainly, besides the plus-size model, I weighed more than those other girls did. I was getting comments, let me tell you. I sort of morally disagreed with it, because I'm a person who has a lot of confidence, especially in terms of my weight, because I think I'm just fine. I'd reach for a croissant, and they'd be like, "Oh, you sure you want to eat that?"

A shot from Kim's Top Model portfolio
photo: Jason Wilheim/UPN/ © 2005 CBS Broadcasting Inc.
A shot from Kim's Top Model portfolio

So just to shut everyone up from talking about me, I tried to diet a little bit. But that didn't really last very long, because I love to eat. And why am I going to ruin my happiness, one of the only sources of relief I got on that show?

Who would you like to see win on the show, and why? Nicole. Not just because she was my favorite of the girls left. She was the only girl who, week after week, I'd actually be taken aback by how beautiful I thought her photo was, the only one I really felt like I could see when I was flipping the pages of Vogue or W. I think she deserves to win. Much more so than I did.

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