Lucy Martinez

War songs

Re James Ridgeway's "George Bush, Meet Reality" [November 30, villagevoice.com]: While I'm probably as anti-Bush as you and would love to see him sit in the mess he's made of our government's economy and position in the world, I think Ridgeway's comments demonstrate a clear blinding from logic. What do you suppose would happen in Iraq if we pulled out now? To me, even though the war is a fraud, pulling out before more stability is achieved would send a worse message and throw much of the world into sheer turmoil. I appreciate Ridgeway's expressiveness, however. I would love to see his opinion on how to get out of the current situation appropriately, instead of just armchair quarterbacking.

Ben Miller
Sacramento, California

Ridgeway, you are a whining nancy-boy leftist pooper. The war in Iraq was never about oil, though it ultimately may be about Saudi oil. Iraq has never been a major oil supplier, but you guys harp on that continually. You make me sick. On the light side: Continue to hold those views and you will lose the next election too. Please have a Gore-Kerry ticket so we can whup your ass again.

Erik Voting
Long Beach, California

The reality is that if the United States of America wins in Iraq, the Democrats lose. What a shame that the ultimate losers in this battle are the American people. In addition to Bush getting credit for a victory, winning in Iraq will reshape the Middle East and lessen future 9-11s here in the U.S. Who cares whether it is a Republican victory or a Democrat victory? It will be a positive thing for both Americans and Iraqis. Let's win over there and sort our differences at the polls. It is time for all of us to close ranks and get the job done successfully.

Dan Dompier
Houston, Texas

Mutual hustle

Re "The Boys on the Side" [November 30–December 6]: I am the "hustler, freelance writer, and meth addict" who, according to David Winner's Essay about his great-aunt Dorle, "grew gradually more blatant in his stealing from her." I never stole from Dorle, but she did give me a few books, many excellent dinners, and on three occasions, modest sums of badly needed money. She also repaid me in cash for things I bought for her—books on tape, which she loved to listen to.

Rick Whitaker

Not qualified

Ward Sutton's cartoons are wonderful. He did leave out one category on his list of qualifications [Sutton Impact, October 19–25] that make one suitable for a White House appointment: having a brain that is impervious to learning even at the finest Eastern establishment schools.

Gina de Miranda
Hondo, Texas

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