Video: Shop Local, Live Longer

In 'Twilight Becomes Night,' a filmmaker watches New York loses its mom-and-pop shops—and a piece of its soul

Mr. Suba appealed to the community, and the community responded. A petition signed by about 4,000 people urged the boycott of the CVS and encouraged patronizing Suba Pharmacy. The neighborhood and its political leaders got involved and helped stave off the eviction. The battle was worth it: The CVS closed and Suba Pharmacy remains open today, beloved by customers and neighbors.

Suba Pharmacy and struggle to save it
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Twilight Becomes Night reminds us that nostalgia is only a very small part of what mom-and-pop stores mean to our society. With so much at stake, it is worth considering our choices, before the storefront gate is closed for the last time.

Twilight Becomes Night is currently in post-production, and I am actively seeking funds to complete the film by early 2006. Please visit for further information about the project and for information about how to make tax-deductible donations via Women Make movies, the film's fiscal sponsor.

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