Eat Me!

A weekend among suburban cannibals

The Meiwes case forced play canni-bals to reconsider their assumptions. "We all wondered, 'Gee, was he one of the ones we just ignored?' " says Gurgurant. Now, any post on Muki's message boards not clearly using the language of fantasy is deleted. Mr. Muki condemns Meiwes: "I think Meiwes got off too lightly. The very fact that his victim consented to being killed is proof that he was not mentally capable of consenting to anything!" Meghan is more empathetic: "If that's what they want to do with their bodies and with their lives, why shouldn't they?" Nevertheless, she would never think of offering herself up as an actual meal. "Then I wouldn't be able to do it over again, would I?"

Perhaps what is most shocking of all is that my new acquaintances' erotic inspiration does not come from slasher films—as one might expect in a culture where sex is routinely paired with vio-lence—but rather from the consumer trappings of domestic bliss. For Meghan, Williams-Sonoma catalogs can inspire masturbatory fantasies of being skewered on the latest Cuisinart rotisserie. She looks to Bed Bath & Beyond, and Bobby Flay's Boy Meets Grill on the Food Network, for sex play ideas. She says, "Someday I'd like to be photographed for Better Homes and Gardens as this beautiful spread on a festive holiday table."

Meghan Vaughan getting basted
Meghan Vaughan getting basted


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