Louis Solnicki
Toronto, Canada

Dangerous invitation

Rachel Kramer Bussel should be told that there are some things that just can't be printed ["What's Behind Rape Fantasies?," Lusty Lady, December 7–13], even if they are someone else's words: "Delfino tells me, 'I think it's innate for every woman to have an internal need to be wanted so badly that a man would take sex from her.' " Maybe the editor should have stopped Bussel from printing such an absolute lie. It puts all women in danger for some stupid bitch to say that it's innate for women to want to be raped. That's not true, so stop printing such bullshit.

Angel Rowan

Case closed

Why pussyfoot around the World Trade Center fiasco ["The 9-11 Files," December 7–13]? Jarrett Murphy and the Voice must know by now that the reason the buildings came down was that they were imploded. Even a Bush believer must be confounded by the collapse of 7 WTC. The truth of 9-11 would bring this administration down as well as the entire rationale for war and the massive military budget. This is why The New York Times and other papers will never get to the truth of 9-11.

William Lawlor
Woodland Hills, California

Survey says

In Jarrett Murphy's "Vote of No Confidence" [November 30–December 6], Lee Daghlian of the state board of elections says that electronic voting machines in Saratoga County worked well. As a Saratoga County voter, I requested our county results last November, and picked up what I was told were the final tallies in early December. After my inspection of these results, I asked why there were some 7,500 more votes than voters in the presidential race. The county board of elections responded by giving me two more sets of "final" printouts, where the number of voters and votes got closer each time. I asked but never got an explanation for what had caused the discrepancy. Is this what Daghlian calls "working well"? I have voted absentee (on a paper ballot) in the last few elections because I have no confidence in electronic voting machines.

Barbara Murphy
Clifton Park, New York

The formula

Your magazine is chock-full of apologies for homosexuals, justification for black anger, attacks on the U.S. government, denigration of the president, support for liberal ideas, publicity for weird ideas, and sympathy for the losers of American society. In fact if it wasn't for the Voice I think I would have ended up hating America. Please continue to prove that not all Americans are murderously insane right-wing wackos.

Tony Newlove
Namur, Belgium


Due to an editing error, last week's review of The Revenger's Tragedy misidentified the sex of the play's adapter and director. Jesse Berger is a man.

The article "Primary Directive" [November 9–15] incorrectly characterized the nature of Lyle Walford's tenure and departure from P.S. 50. Walford served as interim acting principal at P.S. 50 during the period that the region searched for a new principal. Once a candidate was chosen, Walford was transferred to a high school within the region.

Ville Valo of H.I.M. did not perform at Roadrunner Records' 25th anniversary concert on Thursday, December 15, as indicated on last week's Choices cover.

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