Steve Cruz
Denver, Colorado

Mental beat-down

Sydney H. Schanberg's critique of the Bush administration "How Do They Deceive You?" [Press Clips, December 7–13]is brilliant. Here we obviously have a gentleman who is not afraid of telling the truth. Bravo to him, and I hope Schanberg continues to present us with the truth. He is correct that Americans are undergoing a psychological battering by our leadership. When Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and others were spouting their rhetoric concerning Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, yellowcake uranium, and aluminum tubes for the construction of nuclear weaponry, we Americans were frightened out of our wits. Then came the possibility of the mushroom cloud, and we cowered in fear until that was proven false.

Their psychological battering has not come to an end yet. There seems to be no limit to the techniques they will use to keep Americans under control and reluctant to protest the gross unfairness practiced by the administration against its own people.

Sylvia Barksdale Morovitz
Lynnfield, Massachusetts


I visit the Village Voice website almost every day and love reading the various articles, but I have to say that I found Nathan Deuel's "I Survived the Staten Island Mall" [November 30, villagevoice.com]offensive. I'm not from Staten Island, but as a minority I am offended by the very unfavorable and stereotypical way in which Blacks and Latinos were described. Granted, this may very well be what Deuel observed, but the specificity of race was not relevant—it may not even be accurate. I'm quite sure ethnicity would never have been mentioned in the article if the individuals being referred to were Jewish, Irish, or Italian. I am surprised and disappointed that such shoddy work made it into the Voice.

Nicole Hobot

Musical meltdown

It's too bad Nick Sylvester doesn't seem to understand the complexity of jam band music ["Pavlov's Dogshit," The Sound of the City, December 7–13] . It's OK to dis a band (even though moe. rock), but to whine about the fans and the Grateful Dead tells me Sylvester would be happier if he were sitting at home alone. We would be too.

Steve Bernstein
Publisher, Relix magazine


The piece "Sex and the Single Squaw" [Jump Cuts, December 21–27] referred to reports that love scenes in The New World had to be reshot due to concerns over child pornography laws. New Line, the studio behind The New World, firmly denies the allegation.

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