Tuesdays With Judy

Battling mental illness with a paintbrush

"Judy, can you tell me if you like it?" he asks.

"No, I can't," she says.

He continues working, and after two hours the paper has three colors, representing water, sky, and ground. Painting the collage's background�maybe 30 strokes in all�has taken him two hours.

Sergu��s Africa
by Sergu�� Lanquetot
Sergu��s Africa


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  • Out of earshot, Judy explains: "Sergu�� is dying for me to come over and do the work for him. It's not going to happen. Look at how he keeps calling me over and asking my approval. This is the first time he put the sky in, he put the grass in, and all at once without me hanging over his shoulder. Without me saying, 'Try it this way and see if it works. Try it that way.' "

    By the end of class, Sergu�� painting is still wet, lying flat on a table. "Take good care of it," he calls to Judy. Then he walks out.

    The Bridge Group Artists include Ira Brewer, Patricia Doherty, Jill Friedman, Chris Gaskin, Jennifer Gilliam, Glenn Grancio, Sergu�� Lanquetot, Francisco Ortiz, James Sneed, Amburse White, and Scott Zwiren.


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