Urban Resolutions

New Yorkers revisit last year's promises and share hopes for 2006

Results? Mixed. I've replaced playing Texas hold 'em with watching Texas hold 'em on TV. (Except when I'm in a really good mood or want to celebrate something and I play marathon sessions of Texas hold 'em and lose tons of dough.) I've totally failed on the chocolate-chip-cookie front. I think I'm making headway on the spiritual part, which is to say that I used to have no faith, now I have some.

Resolutions for 2006? To be a better person. To meditate. To learn how to be a scratching DJ. To have a daily routine. To train to be a boxer.

Naked Cowboy
illustration: Ryan Sanchez
Naked Cowboy


She's been a sex educator with Babeland (née Toys in Babeland) for a year and a half. She's actively teaching their cunnilingus and fellatio workshops.

Your resolutions for 2005: To try a new sex toy every month. To stretch every day. To take a walk in my neighborhood every week. To travel someplace new by myself.

Did you follow them? I definitely tried a new sex toy every month. In fact, I tried new toys as well as watched a lot of porn and even read some Babeland erotica. If you count the stretching I did right before I got out of bed in the morning, then yes, I guess I stretched every day. But not exactly what I had planned. I did take a walk in my neighborhood once a week, on average. I met a lot of nice neighbors (as well as a few oddballs) . . . who knew? I had a trip scheduled, but it had to be postponed until 2006. It's still in my sight line.

Results? I feel even better qualified to talk with Babeland customers about the various sex toys we sell, since I now have personal experience with so many of them. I feel safer in my neighborhood, and more committed to it. I really have to get with the stretching regimen.

Resolutions for 2006: To travel someplace new by myself (do holdovers count?). To teach a Babeland cunnilingus and fellatio workshop at the White House (a gal can dream). To visit the new Babeland L.A. store. To volunteer at the local animal shelter.


Known as a contentious voice in hip-hop culture, Star is a former Source magazine columnist and current host of Power 105.1's Star & Buc Wild Show.

Your resolutions for 2005: I don't really make resolutions each year, because I'm pretty consistent on my grind every year. I don't even celebrate birthdays—I celebrate life itself. I don't just wait for one day to acknowledge my existence.

Results? It was a very productive year. I wouldn't say that I'd go back and do anything differently. I'm pretty satisfied with what I do.

Resolutions for 2006: I plan to stay on my grind with slightly more emphasis on raping what's left of the culture of hip-hop and the very profitable genre of rap music. Why? Because it's rapeable. After watching complete lunatics like P. Diddy run amok with the silly "Vote or Die" campaign and reap the benefits and pull the wool over the eyes of thousands of sheep, I want to rape the rest of it strictly for self-profit. And thankfully Eminem has left something for me to rape.

Sam Talbot, the Red Chef

Commonly referred to as the "Kimchi Dog Guy," Talbot has become a staple on the southeast corner of Stanton and Ludlow streets, where he whips up Korean-influenced street food behind his snazzy pushcart Friday and Saturday nights.

Your resolutions for 2005: I vowed to have some sort of revelation that would allow me to understand how Bush could still be my president.

Did you follow them? You can't make yourself have a revelation, but I tried very hard.

Results? I was extremely boring.

Resolutions for 2006: I'd like to be bored instead of boring. Being bored gets a bad rap, but I kinda like it, feeling all itchy and ready for trouble. Boredom makes you ready to pick up on anything that could be exciting or funny or stupid. It teaches you to create your own fun and gets you to spend time with people you thought you were too busy, too important, or too fucking cool to hang with before. I'm ready for new stuff in 2006—I'm ready to get bored, get over myself, and kick some ass.

Isaac Mizrahi

Having studied under venerable designers like Perry Ellis and Calvin Klein, Mizrahi has done everything from designing clothes to writing comic books. He currently hosts the Isaac show on the Style Network.

Your resolutions in 2005: To lose 10 pounds.

Did you follow them? I dieted with much rigor.

Results? I lost the 10 pounds, but I gained them back.

Resolutions for 2006: To accept myself 10 pounds fatter. I know that won't happen, so I'll probably lose 10 pounds and gain them back again.

James Murphy

A surprise to no one but himself, Murphy's debut LP as LCD Soundsystem earned him two Grammy nominations last year, one for Best Electronic/Dance Album, the other for Best Dance Recording with his smart-alecky single "Daft Punk Is Playing at My House." He is the co-founder of DFA Records and possibly the only person who still gets away with playing cowbell.

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