Urban Resolutions

New Yorkers revisit last year's promises and share hopes for 2006

Your resolutions for 2005: Eat nothing at all for an entire year and see how dizzy I get.

Did you follow them? I tried.

Results? I became a really cheap date, got wasted after two drinks, vomited, and then went and had a "slice." I ruined the entire thing almost instantly.

Naked Cowboy
illustration: Ryan Sanchez
Naked Cowboy

Resolutions for 2006: Do not blink for the entire year and see if I make enough tears to keep my eyes from drying out.

Marc Ecko

This onetime graffiti artist is the CEO of Marc Ecko Enterprises, which includes the G-Unit Clothing Company, Zoo York, Avirex sportswear, and Complex magazine.

Your resolutions for 2005: (1) To sue the city over a block party permit. (2) To launch my first video game, Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, by September. (3) To launch my first video game, Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, by November. (4) To have a rhino named after me. (5) To spend more quality time with my family. (6) To diet. (7) To buy a castle. (8) To conquer a small village.

Results? (1) As crazy as it seemed when I made it, yes. And I won, thank you very much. (2) Unfortunately, no, dropped the ball on that one. (3) The game still needed polish and officially hits the streets in February. (4) Yes, and he turns one this month. (5) It's never enough. (6) Yes, a total of 45 pounds and counting. (7) Honestly, it's more of a stone palace than a castle, but we'll count it. (8) Not even close. What the hell was I thinking?

Resolutions for 2006: To develop at least two more video game titles. To play basketball with the Nets, in my office. To expand my magazine business. To tag my name in the bathroom of the Bilbao, Spain, Guggenheim. To conquer France, or at least French cuisine. To stand on my hands for at least 60 seconds. To have brunch with Mayor Bloomberg. To be a judge on Iron Chef.

Wendy Williams
illustration: By Ryan Sanchez
Jimmy Webb

You may not know the name, but you'll know the person. Take one step inside Trash & Vaudeville and buyer Jimmy Webb is "oh wait, that guy": tight tapered jeans, sleeveless T-shirt, peroxide-blond hair. The man outfits everyone from teenagers in on day trips from New Jersey to the great one, the Iggy, himself.

Your resolutions for 2005: To be a better person, definitely, and I totally think I followed that. To never forget September 11, which I think made me a better person. To live my rock 'n' roll heart to the max and just spread tons of rock 'n' roll Iggy Pop love, which I totally know I did. Oh, and to work and respect my bosses and job more than ever. And I know I did, deep down inside.

Resolutions for 2006: Don't waste my breath on things that I shouldn't waste my breath on. It's kind of like the Iggy Pop thing. He used to just scream, "Fuck you dog dog," and now he goes, "Fuck you, bless you, dog dog" at every show. I want to stay on the "bless you" side when someone is my enemy more.

Eugenia Kim

Gotham's mad hatter runs a successful millinery-haberdashery business that claims Cameron Diaz, Madonna, Britney Spears, and J.Lo as clients. The whimsical chapeaus she designs in her East Village studio sell for $200 to $400 apiece.

Your resolutions for 2005: To write a book and design a men's hat collection.

Did you follow them? I wrote the book in November after Paris fashion week. I designed the men's collection in August.

Results? The book is being published by Random House and will be in stores this December. The men's collection is being sold at Barneys New York and Opening Ceremony, and is being worn by Usher and Pharrell Williams.

Resolutions for 2006: To have my book on Oprah. To have my hat on Pete Doherty.

Raqiyah Mays

It's the two-year anniversary of The Ave, a "politically conscious" alternative in what executive editor and Hot 97 DJ Mays calls the often backward and misogynistic world of hip-hop publishing. In terms of revenues and ad space they're barely breaking even, but if by some miracle quality reporting brings cash in 2006, you won't have to search them out at book and music stores—they'll be at every train stop next to King and The Source.

Your resolutions for 2005: I can't remember.

Did you follow them? I couldn't have.

Resolutions for 2006: I want to organize my life. Whether it be the hundreds of CDs with missing cases that sit lopsided against my living room walls, or the paper files where old transcripts and outdated press releases occupy the same space as water-stained receipts and Con Edison bills.

Patricia Field

Though best known for her role dressing Sarah Jessica Parker and the rest of the Sex and the City cast, Emmy Award– winning designer and nightlife fixture Patricia Field has been clothing New York City clubgoers since she opened her first boutique in 1966.

Resolutions: I don't make resolutions.

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