My New Year's Sexolutions

A Six-Point Plan for 12 Months of Arousal, In Bed and Out

6. Appreciate other forms of eroticism besides sex. Just because I'm in a dry spell doesn't mean that there isn't sex in my life. I still get butterflies in my stomach and become tongue-tied and overwhelmed in the presence of someone I'm truly attracted to. My libido's not dead; it just needs an outlet.

The truth is, there's eroticism all around me. My friend Nichelle posts nonstop photos of gorgeous cleavage on, offering up sumptuous eye candy I can't get enough of. I recently gave another friend a back rub for an hour, the kind that went from the nape of her neck to the upper curves of her ass, with me putting my whole body into it and, yes, getting more than a little turned on. I bought my first wrap dress, and the minute I put it on, I felt like I was soaked in sex, and I didn't need my dress to come undone for everyone around me to tell. I go to sleep almost every night entertaining wicked fantasies about my crush du jour, though I almost never confess these X-rated scenarios to their stars; maybe I should start. I was out till 7 a.m. the other night, and almost participated in an orgy. Even though our little seven-person after-party died down into a three-way makeout session (I watched), the potential debauchery energized me. Maybe there are a few things from 2005 I can take to heart, and to bed.

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