The Best and Worst of Sex 2005

Tristan's annual roundup of 12 months of foot fetishes, male prostitutes, and porn-bashing

Best News for Unemployed Chippendales Dancers: Heidi Fleiss has filed for a brothel license in Nevada to open a whorehouse called Heidi's Stud Farm that will cater exclusively to women. If the Nye County Liquor and Licensing Board grants her a license, it will be the first place of its kind in America. HBO plans for Doghouse, a reality show about it, will surely follow.

Halcyon and Tassy Pink, winners of Best Christmas Porn
photo: Courtesy of
Halcyon and Tassy Pink, winners of Best Christmas Porn

The Reverse-Reverse Cowgirl Award (for Crossing From Hollywood Into Porn Instead of the Other Way Around): Saving Private Ryan star and convicted Heidi Fleiss abuser Tom Sizemore became the latest celebrity to star in homemade porn. They could have called it Saving Ryan's Privates, but that title was already taken. So The Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal would have to do.

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