Mapping Rape

In the fight against rape, stats are only half of the story

In rapes, victim and perp are usually linked by much more than the attack. "So you say, 'Policing can help here,' " Donovan says, "but I think it's more difficult to police." Locking up rapists helps prevent future attacks because some repeat the act. But beyond that, most rapes might be beyond the reach of traditional law enforcement.

photo: Robert Milazzo & Alex Kroke


Rape in New York City
Graphic by Alisa Nance

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  • "It's not like you can blanket a corner with cops as with guns or drugs and bring the numbers down," says Fisher, from the Queens D.A.'s office. "With the acquaintance rapes the only things you can do are educate people, go into the schools and talk to them about the impact of rape not only on girls, but also the impact on the perpetrator, who's going to go to jail."

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