Tool of the Patriarchy

Performers like Kimberly Kane challenge anti-porn rhetoric

I am not the typical porn viewer. I have met a lot of performers, seen them work on the set, and heard firsthand about what gets them off. This informs my viewing of a scene. I enjoy something when I know a woman had a really good time because I heard it directly from her. Anti-porn feminists refuse to hear these stories, these positive testimonials—something I think is disrespectful of the women who tell them. "I love my job. I am making sure I am healthy and smart and happy and doing what I want to do. I do what the fuck I want to do, when the fuck I want to do it," says Kane. "If you want to call that feminist, well then watch me burn my bra."

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Kimberly Kane
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Kimberly Kane


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  • Look for Kimberly Kane's directing debut , Naked and Famous (, coming in February from Pulse Pictures.

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