Forget what you've heard about being your own worst enemy. In Perception, it's friends and family who really screw a girl over. That girl, Jen, is played by Piper Perabo with a disarming lack of annoyance. She's your run-of-the-mill caustic Brooklyn weirdo, until an oncoming truck lands her in a high-tech wheelchair. Suddenly, she's wearing headbands, grinning with Perabo's famed elasticity, and cruising to a quick recovery.


Directed by Irving Schwartz
Empire, in release, Angelika

This should be funny or sad, but it's neither, in this incoherent cross between Riding the Bus With My Sister and a Christina Ricci vehicle. Just when Jen's back on her feet, the real problems start: heroin addicts, lunatic parents, a flight to Pakistan, and a series of utterly predictable demises. The problem, we learn, is her "perception," but what does perception have to do with a strung-out physical therapist and a gun-wielding, vegan ex-girlfriend? That's cool, though; Jen's looking as chipper as Gwen Stefani in her new tracksuit. It's so hip to be chaired.


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