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Falling in love for different reasons

In 2005 I neither sipped syrup nor rode low, smoked dro nor pushed snow. For all other vitals (and/or long-range photos of me engaging in any number of the preceding activities), please refer to George W. Bush's dossier, c/o the Brooklyn Public Library.

Julianne Shepherd
Brooklyn, New York

Do you have any idea how hard it is to spell out "Caramanica" on a set of diamond teeth?

Jon Caramanica

Having tried to finally (really, truly) get my ass sober this year, I found that pop music meant more than ever, and had more to offer than ever, which is why I asked for more of it. A better work ethic had something to do with it. But I kept returning to records whose pleasure unfurled like tapestries from tidy packages, kept getting hooked and falling in love for different reasons.

Christian Hoard

Age: 41
Gender: female
Occupation: writer/mama
Martial Status: yes
Religion: lapsed Catholic turned bad Buddhist
Region: Ecotopia (Pac NW)
Hobby: juggling
Passion: adoption
Neurosis: aging
Weaknesses: memory, disc L5
Drug: Law & Order reruns
Sport: elliptical trainer (handy for VH1 viewing)
Pipe Dream: presidential impeachment
Recipe: soy milk banana bread

Ann Powers
Seattle, Washington

I am 24 years old, half Filipino and half Colombian. I moved to Brooklyn in July from Tucson, Arizona, and I work for CMJ. In Tucson I had a car, a little house, lots of friends, and a pretty good job. Tonight I might go to the city or go to a show or a different show or stay at home and eat a grilled cheese sandwich in front of my laptop (I don't have any furniture/money/friends yet). But I'm glad to have all the options a big city affords me, even if I can't afford them.

Jessica Suarez
Brooklyn, New York

Age: 15
Where I Write: Internet

Justin Chun
Stroudsberg, Pennsylvania



Jeff Chang
Berkeley, California

I'm straight, white, short, cute, neurotic, and broke – an orthodox P&J voter, in other words. I turned 30 this year and was just laid off from a job for the third time in four years. The one good thing about surviving this life in no-revenue turnover under George W. Bush is that I've become quite good at the panic drill. I'm a professional callus.

Christopher O'Connor

Same info as last year, except I'm a year older and five pounds fatter and I now write about TV and radio (and music, still) instead of North Raleigh land development. Hooray!

Danny Hooley
Durham, North Carolina

I am a straight, single, Caucasian female homeowner, soon to be 37 years old. When Mojo first hired me, they thought I was black. Didn't find out the truth for two years!

Andria Lisle
Memphis, Tennessee

This yr I got married again, and started playing music on a regular basis again (weekly "invitational jam" at my fave rawk dump—I love having a gig, hate "being in a band," so this is perfect). Notwithstanding the war / erosion of First Amendment / natural disasters, etc., on a personal lvl, I have the life I always wanted. So there.

Ken Shimamoto
Fort Worth, Texas

These days, my idea of a good time is swatching my nailpolish collection onto typing paper while watching Hunter reruns on TiVo. I worry about early menopause, PCOS, and 403 (c)(b) funds while you're out carousing. I'm good for about two gut-busting quips a year at dinners out with my friends, and you can always rely on me to bring something edible, maybe even tasty, to a potluck. I try to treat my man right. And I still think Killdozer is an underrated band. That's a good enough legacy for me.

Cecile Cloutier
Minneapolis, Minnesota

About as average as can be: 47, male, white, American, straight, non-smoker, mediocre stand-up bass player, collect Italian wine, live in mid-city part of L.A., use an iPod for exercise and travel and little else, happily married, two daughters in college-—one loves doowop and the other's into Sublime and Bob Marley—edit for a living, drive a 13-year-old car with a broken CD player, prefer concert venues with chairs, baseball fan, watch Lost and The Office, amazed by the consistent quality of releases from ECM Records, find blogs enlightening and annoying (David Cross's pitchforkmedia spoof was the funniest thing I read all year), anti-Bush, wish I spoke another language fluently, wish the blues were still relevant, not sure how I could improve my life.

Phil Gallo
Los Angeles, California

Since August, I've been working on a book about Cleveland rock 'n' roll nostalgia, to be published in time for holidays 2006. I've interviewed about 80 people: in the business, on the sidelines, fans. It's tough because it's about memories, but the history is necessary, too. It's preoccupied me since August, to the exclusion of a lot of listening (thank God for satellite radio), not to mention going to shows. If Voice readers have anecdotes about going to rock shows in Cleveland—or seeing Cleveland bands in their hometowns—e-mail me at I'm 62, still write about music for Goldmine, Metroland, Scene, (where my weblog is highnotes), and Sun newspapers.

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