Tomatoes Can Be Torture, Part 1

In the first of a three-part series, meet a couple who eroticizes humiliation

OK, I thought, these two are serious. Then he started peeing on her and once again, invited others to do the same. All I could think was, who are these guys? Their behavior just disturbed me. None of them seemed ambivalent, they just stepped right up, whipped out their dicks, and started calling her names. It's like someone gave them permission to be brutes and they went for it.

By then, Femcar was covered in food and piss, wallowing in the purple plastic pool. She started to moan and the noises coming from her were like nothing I have ever heard before: deep, guttural, weird. She sounded like an animal. The sounds built, her body started to tense, and I thought she was having an orgasm. It was raw and profound. Watching it unfold, I almost felt like I was intruding.


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