Return of the Ruckus

Still unhinged after more than an ol' dirty dozen years, the Wu-Tang Clan stage a Shaolin family reunion

The tour will take the Clan to venues smaller than they've played in the past, places that a few of them have toured as solo artists. "It'll be a good run for us to start up with," says GZA. "As far as promoters and booking agents, I guess they're just booking these spots so we can get something started up. But I don't think it has anything to do with our record sales or a diminished fan base."

"I was pretty upset when I seen these small venues, because I know my family is bigger than that," says Divine. "But I couldn't be the type of person to walk in and say I'm not going to allow RZA to go or I'm not going to support this because of the size of the venue. I had to take what's offered to me and say, 'Let's make the best of that and move forward.' "

Perhaps the tour's greatest question is whether this trial run will lead to another album from the reunited group; much of the Clan certainly hopes it will. "I'm sure that Wu-Tang Clan will fulfill their potential again," says Divine. I've spoken to RZA; his desire is to do another album." (RZA declined to comment for this article.)

The Wu-Tang Clan
photo: Michael Lavine
The Wu-Tang Clan


Wu-Tang Clan Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) (RCA
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"I would like us to do another album," GZA agrees. "The fans are still there. Wu- Tang has die-hard fans."

The future of Wu-Tang may depend entirely on how this tour goes, on whether their eight volatile personalities can fully mesh once again when they find themselves face to face for two weeks. "My wish is for the guys to really get into each other on this short run we got," says Divine.

There have already been a few encouraging signs that the Wu-Tang Clan are excited to work together again. Ghostface plans to include several collaborations with other Clan members, and most of the crew will be contributing to Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2, a sequel to his classic 1996 debut album, due in April. "I'm still in the group, and I feel the same way about my brothers, even though it's a lot of other shit going on," says Ghostface.

Or as Divine says, "Regardless of what the press or anyone might say about us, we're united."

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