Heavy Grifting

Nothing spells job satisfaction like a good heist in two new crime series

Stacie (Jaime Murray) and Mickey (Adrian Lester) in Hustle
Stacie (Jaime Murray) and Mickey (Adrian Lester) in Hustle


Saturdays at 10 on AMC
(Marathon of first six episodes February 18 at 4 p.m.)

Premieres March 28 on FX

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  • The germ of an interesting idea is already there in Thief: the notion that crime, originally chosen as an alternative to a punch-the-clock mundanity, becomes its own kind of dead end. In the fantasy glamour world of Hustle, con men are free from life's rules and restrictions. Mickey recounts a story about his honest dad (who worked his whole life at a dull job, only to croak before he made it to retirement), then asks one of his team, "You wanna be regular people? Go and have your life run by bosses, bank managers, and politicians." But in Thief, even the outlaws have people yanking their chains, whether loan sharks, corrupt politicians, or just family members. As Mickey himself would tell you, you can't get something for nothing.

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