Maureen Gosling
Producer-Director Blossoms of Fire
Oakland, California

Adding fuel to Bush Beat's fire

Canceling Bush Beat is a terrible decision. Bush Beat performs a valuable service—calling the Bush administration to task for indiscretions that simply aren't reported anywhere else. The reporting during the buildup to the Iraq war, in particular, was standout journalism. In retrospect, the reporting was right on the money. The Voice is making a grave error in canceling Bush Beat. Is the Voice to become another Time Out New York? One has to wonder where the pressure to drop Bush Beat came from.

Omar Husain

I want to join the chorus of readers who are outraged that the Voice has canceled Bush Beat. It's amazing how newspapers and journalists just roll over for the fascist regime we call the executive branch. Where have you hidden Ward Harkavy anyway? Yes, I read the Voice daily from Arizona and I'm livid I can't check in with the hell-raising Bush Beat.

Jan Dewey
Tucson, Arizona

Bush on the brain-less

The upper-left-hand corner of your homepage advertises: In Focus: George Bush, Dick Cheney, NSA/Spying, Supreme Court, New Orleans, Voice 50th Anniversary.

Now it looks to me like every one of these but the last one is little more than an opportunity for you to bash Bush. I have been a Democrat all my life, and didn't vote Bush in, but even I wonder why the Voice puts so much emphasis on bashing Bush. Isn't there more going on at the Voice than to think about Bush so much? Would "get a life" be too strong a suggestion?

Brian Butler
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Get lost, hoser

Re Jerry White's letter to the editor [Letters, February 8–14]: Suggesting that I am an arrogant New York snob because I resent being lectured about 9-11 by some Bush cheerleader out in Colorado makes about as much sense as, oh, attacking Mexico after Pearl Harbor, for want of a better example of misplaced aggression, but that's not going to stop Jerry, no sirree, because he's on a mission—get them New York snobs. Hey Jerry, did you even read my letter? Imagine being Jerry and reading the Voice out in Alberta, Canada. The closest thing to La Dolce Musto is a moose humping your car, and then crapping on it when it doesn't respond. That would drive anyone to cliché and co-opted rhetoric.

Hey Jerry, what does local TV out there say is the most effective way to disperse anthrax through the Edmonton subway system? Blowing hard, perhaps?

Bill Michie

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