Who's Paying for Your Next Date?

Deciphering the tricky triangle of cash, sex, and romance

Past the first-date stage, and especially once you've started a relationship, everyone I spoke with agreed anything goes—alternating, settling on the greater earner always paying, or figuring out another system based on your values. The topic should be easier to broach and the stakes lower since you've established that you want to keep seeing each other.

It's crass to have to think about money when you're trying to connect with the potential love of your life, and there's potential for miscommunication and mistrust. I wish this topic were less volatile and divisive. But until I win the lottery or meet my soul mate, it's going to be a factor.

Lauren Henderson, author of Jane Austen's Guide to Dating
photo: Mike McGregor
Lauren Henderson, author of Jane Austen's Guide to Dating


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