Herbert Marshall

I support Sylvester 100 percent. I thought it was an excellent article on pickup lines and tactics for the horn dogs of New York City. All PUA's make up stuff—wasn't that at the core of Sylvester's article? The points Sylvester made came through like blue-point bullets through Kevlar. I wish Sylvester many more cerebral cerebrations and look forward to reading his next article. All seduction is based on illusions, and masterful patterns of seduction often veer from the truth—the truth will not necessarily get you off—fantasy, well-constructed fantasy, will, and quivering moans is still the goal, isn't it? Delete Lookner's name and add mine, and re-enter the article online.

Arthur Barbato

It's time for Sylvester to start looking for new work, without a good recommendation. The Voice, like all journalistic endeavors, has a responsibility to bring accurate information to the public so that we can make educated decisions. In the real world, just as in the computing world, garbage in results in garbage out. In this instance, Sylvester put garbage into the Voice, and the Voice put garbage out. The garbage that Sylvester injected into the Voice has compromised everything published by the Voice. The taint carries over, even to nonparticipants. Everyone is tainted.

Jack Foster Mancilla
San Diego, California

I think it is an abomination that Sylvester has not been dismissed from the Voice after making up parts of his recent cover story. What has happened to journalistic integrity? It is a sad day for The Village Voice. New Times Media are arbiters of the lowest form of tabloid journalism if they fail to act on such a complete lack of ethics.

Veronica Leight
Auburn Hills, Michigan

Beyond the irresponsibility of placing your faith in a journalist that lacks real qualifications or a sourcing education, I feel there might be a bigger crime here. Namely, the failure to attribute the idea of Sylvester's cover story to a local love/dating/sex blogger who had pitched it a full month prior to Sylvester's poach.

Ryan Brown

Are you kidding me? A lot more than the last paragraph was made up in that story. Life according to Sylvester's Ivy League imagination might be sexier than reality, but it's not more interesting. So why don't you hire some real journalists who know the difference—or just admit that facts don't matter and you are not real journalists.

Francis Denardo

My condolences on the situation, but I have to ask, did the Voice check out Sylvester's unnamed sources too? Even before this scandal hit gossip pages, I thought the lede seemed completely made up. The quote he leads with is suspiciously long and lean. Having interviewed a few people in my time, I know very few people who talk in nut graphs. Also, I can't believe he lied in print and is only being suspended. He should be fired. No matter how adorable he is or the cult of personality he fosters, he is no different than Jayson Blair or Stephen Glass or the myriad other self-important wunderkinder of his ilk and should be treated in the same manner.

Shaya Mohajer

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