Etgar Keret
May 1

92nd Street Y, Kaufmann Concert Hall, 92nd & Lexington Ave, 212-415-5780

George Saunders or a clone?
photo: Caitlin Saunders
George Saunders or a clone?


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  • Israel-born Keret is a bestselling author back home and has been featured onSelected Shorts and This American Life, but is still little-known here. The stories in his latest collection, The Nimrod Flipout, should do a great deal to advance his reputation—they're sharp, funny, and best of all, completely deranged. In the opener, "Fatso," a young man learns that the problem his beautiful new girlfriend is so distressed over has nothing to do with a jealous ex-boyfriend or a slutty past. It's that each night she becomes a short, squat, beer-swilling dude. Oddly, hanging out with him is a lot of fun.

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