No comparison

In J. Hoberman's review of V for Vendetta ["Anarchy in the U.K.," March 15–21] he makes the absurd claim that the Gunpowder Plot, if successful, would have "vaporized half of London" and "offered a foretaste of Hiroshima." The 36 barrels of black powder used in the Gunpowder Plot weighed about 2.5 tons, equal in explosive power to less than one ton of TNT (black powder being a much less powerful explosive than TNT). It was a pretty big bomb, about equal to a standard U.S. military 2,000-pound bomb, and could easily have destroyed Parliament, but it was a wet firecracker compared to the Hiroshima bomb (with about 1/15,000 of its power) and could not possibly have come anywhere near destroying half of London. While no one should expect a movie reviewer to have a detailed knowledge of explosives, surely even someone in that profession could be expected to see something inherently unlikely in the idea of a 17th-century Hiroshima.

Bowen Simmons
Sunnyvale, California

Diagnosis derailed

I was a little surprised by Joy Press's review of Doctor Who ["Back to the Future, With Better FX: A New Doctor Is In," March 15–21]. While Press shows that she clearly remembered the old series fondly, she makes a statement about the structure of the new series more in line with that of a casual reviewer watching the two review tapes sent to the media. Press's observation that all stories in the new series are "resolved within a single episode," with the result that the "thrill-filled cliffhangers of yore are gone," is just not the case. People with more than a passing interest in the revived series who were following the run from afar during the Beeb's first window last year in real time learned that three of the stories went over two episodes, with the requisite tension- inducing breaks in the middle. That makes three cliffhangers in a series of 13 episodes, a pretty good percentage. The point of this letter is not to complain about Press's otherwise decent review so much as it is an attempt to correct a faulty assumption.

Jim Ryan

There actually is a plot thread in Doctor Who that lasts through the season, you just don't realize exactly what's going on for half the season. Remember, the season debuting on the SciFi channel is a year old and some of us have seen the whole thing, as opposed to a couple of episodes. (Incidentally, the first episode might be the worst of the lot—probably a factor in why Doctor Who is a year behind in the U.S.)

Todd Allen
Chicago, Illinois

Good day for naturopathy

Re Aina Hunter's article "Naturopath vs. Naturopath" [March 8–14]: I appreciate the Voice's attempt to educate the public about naturopathic medicine. Unfortunately, little emphasis was given to educating your readers about the health benefits of working with a credited naturopathic doctor. Instead, it seems the focus was on only conflict, and my concern is that your readers will only feel confused and consequently scared to work with a naturopathic doctor. That is a shame, for I see the daily benefits and healing of the naturopathic approach—and this deserves some discussion too.

Peter Bongiorno

Sexy reminiscence

I love the article "Hot Sex With a Porn Director" [Lusty Lady, March 15–21] by Rachel Kramer Bussel. I just got back from two weeks in Europe with my girlfriend and we had some of the hottest sex we've ever had. Bussel's article reminds me of the great sex that we just finished enjoying. Thanks for bringing me right back to a great time. I love Bussel's writing.

Eddy Santilli
Warwick, Rhode Island

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