Meet the Boobiesexuals

Gay men and straight women lust after bulging breasts too

My straight friend "Amy" knows exactly what Minx is talking about. She told me exuberantly, "I love boobs. If I were a guy I would be completely obsessed—I would try to touch and play with them as much as possible. I love playing with guys' nipples because they're the next closest thing. You could call me a closet boob whore."

Some breast lovers feel bigger is better, but I'd like to think that boobiesexuals have a more inclusive relationship to breasts. They're not just pinching our nipples to get us turned on during foreplay or asking us to get implants; many genuinely appreciate our chests in all their variety.BOBexplains why breasts are beautiful: "It's absolutely not the physical characteristics. What makes a great pair of breasts is the person carrying them. You can buy a great pair, but you can't buy personality, charisma, or a sense of humor—the three sexiest things any man or woman with a pair of breasts can have."

Boobyliscious: Gays and straights appreciate
photo: Cheryl Burke
Boobyliscious: Gays and straights appreciate

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