Elle L.K.
Los Angeles, California

I don't understand why, as a "liberal" media, the Voice chooses only to tout the usual red-blooded line about China. It really shows how little you know about the highly complex reality of this huge country and its myriad peoples. Did Hunter even bother to look into the background of the media powerhouse of Falun Gong before she quoted them as a reliable source of information? Does Hunter know anything about their satellite TV, newspapers, hosting of thousands of websites feigning independence, and CIA support? I have never seen anything in the Voice other than fear mongering about China. Either send reporters there to see for yourselves or visit the blogs of many independent-minded Chinese intellectuals and ask questions. Talk to labor activists from China if you must. Otherwise, you are a China basher spouting propaganda from selective sources and are really no better than any of those from the extreme right itching for a showdown with the next "Evil Empire."

Lyx Lyx
Hong Kong

Poly wanna settle down

Re Tristan Taormino's "Pretty Poly" [Pucker Up, March 22–28 ]: Over the last 30 some-odd years I've had various relationships: Married, married-mono-to-poly, and poly, and none of the poly ones worked out, for very practical reasons. No matter what pro-poly people say, when you go outside a mono marriage to become poly, the marriage is effectively in name only thereafter, and anything special between the "primaries" is lost forever. There is no way you can maintain several full-blown romantic relationships, have a job, kids, etc., without everybody getting only a small part of your time. Poly people are just fooling themselves and are just high on the NRE (New Relationship Energy) of their latest "secondary" and the freedom they so often "sexploit" for multiple sex partners. It's easy to convince yourself that you're following a more evolved relationship model in poly when you're getting multi-partner sex a lot. I've been there, got a whole raft of the T-shirts, and didn't care for the lack of magic that happens when your wife of many years suddenly becomes nothing more than another g.f., and you become just another stud in her stable. I've learned that monogamy can work, if you put the work into it. Poly people just partner-hop when the going gets rough . . . a very childish lifestyle that doesn't build a firm foundation that will last for years. If you want your connection to remain truly special, monogamy is the only way to fly. If you're poly, and things blow up one day, remember, I told you so.

Jordan Moller
Mountain View, California

Bring it on

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