The Bush Doctrine: 'No Illegal Alien Left Behind'

A counter-rally in Dallas sends a different message on immigration reform

You had to feel for the dude, all by himself on the east side of the expressway, carrying the teeny-tiny sign that read, "WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS." For about half an hour he stood unmolested, flashing his placard and waving the peace sign at passing motorists who probably thought he wanted spare change. Then two men—one big and burly; the other, gangly and dishevled—carrying "Deport Now" and "Illegal Aliens Are Not Citizens" signs went over to shout at him over oncoming traffic. "Love your country or get the hell out!" they shouted at the guy, who grinned and said nothing.


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On Sunday, most of these folks moved downtown, to protest the protestors who swarmed by the thousands on City Hall. But on Saturday, one of their ranks carried the greatest sign of them all: "No More Protesting."

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