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The tragedy is that, though his Post columns about his self-indulgent exploits with his equally effete lady friend were laughable, he could be a vivid gossip writer, coming alive during Fashion Week with zingy, indispensible dish. A few years ago, he left the Post for a high-paying but doomed tabloid job, then came crawling back to a diminished role, which may have worked his nerves, along with his obviously not lucrative enough new line of shirts and ties. But while I won't be inviting Jared to my next dinner, I'm not going to join the circle of people ready to burn him alive with materials bought at a RON BURKLE store . More important is to get to the truth, suck out all the other corruption in gossipland, and emerge, still dishing.

PS: By the way, one of the Page Six blind items Burkle was upset about? It was something claiming he has a very young girlfriend.


Late Breaking Paris Hilton Setback!

Exclusive Gossip: Is it hard out here for an heiress? PARIS HILTON had a long-anticipated CD scheduled to come out in June. Out magazine recently sent me to L.A. to interview the multi-media personality about her music, which I heard and thought was perfectly enjoyable dance-pop, as helmed by wunderkind SCOTT STORCH. But a source tells me that Warner Brothers chairman/CEO TOM WHALLEY might not feel the same way. They say he doesn't think it's ready—in fact, he doesn't care for it at all—and he's putting the project on hold for now. (I'm hearing it'll probably be released in September.) At least this should provide some juicy conflict for The Simple Life. (I'm awaiting a response from a Warner Brothers publicist.)


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