The Kids Are Winning

Paris loves a riot

Such is the bizarrely inclusive nature of French protests—they accumulate additional, often vaguely related demonstrations into a gigantic, unstoppable snowball. During this Tuesday's protests, farmers from the provinces were marching alongside students, protesting the country's beef policies. Two weeks ago, when the student demonstrations were just getting started, Parisian prostitutes—female, male, transvestite, and transsexual—went on strike to denounce a law that would make solicitation illegal.

More carnavalesque parade than political showdown, this week's demonstrations were undeniably photogenic, sweeping, and romantic. But that's about as profound as they are likely to be. France needs a cure for its gangrened social system, but none is at hand. Its students may not find a solution this week or anytime soon, but at least they're in the streets, and for now, that's a start.
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