Sex, Drunk vs. Sober

Does alcohol make you hornier? Pros and cons of mixing booze and lust

I was chatting about this online with a new guy I'm seeing. "What are you like when you're drunk?" he wrote. "Umm . . ." I stalled, not wanting to reveal just how ridiculous I can get at my most wasted. He suggested finding out during our long-awaited movie rental date, but I didn't want our first time to be marred, or even elevated, by being drunk. I wanted to wow him with geeky, silly me, not vodka-horny me.

Alcohol grants us the freedom to be our wildest, most wanton selves. For me, showing someone just how much I like them, letting filthy words and fantasies come out of my mouth, risking rejection once daylight approaches, is intimidating when sober. It requires setting aside all the bullshit about how I'll be perceived or possibly judged. Acting the slutty, spanking-crazed nymphomaniac isn't always cool. In this case, though, I'd say it was just about perfect.

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