Johanna Weller-Fahy

Civics for cynics

Re Nat Hentoff's "Why We're Americans" [Liberty Beat, April 26–May 2]: I find it ironic to read about Eva Moskowitz complaining about the lack of civics education when she wholeheartedly supported Mayor Bloomberg in 2005. Bloomberg is a man with absolutely no civics training, and it shows in his style of governing. His support of illegal police arrests and surveillance, his habit of suing the City Council when he doesn't get his way, and his taste for imposing bans or licenses on everything under the sun are signs of a confused man who doesn't know American civics.

Larry Perera

Thank you, Nat Hentoff, for speaking up for proper teaching of our Constitution. We in the Constitution Committee of Florida have been fighting for this since 1997, and you are the first national voice to speak up for saving our Constitution from destruction by powerful voices from both parties and others. I am very pleased that you have added your voice to this effort to save our civilization.

Lee Coleman
Founder , Constitution Committee of Florida
Lantana, Florida

Remember the peeps

If Roque Strew is going to cover rap music ["Wild Wild West," April 26–May 2] and the people that it represents, wouldn't it be a good idea to use lingo and verbiage that the audience of the music can understand? Not saying that there are not some who can understand his article, but let's be serious. Strew uses words that one might only find in a NASA manual. It was a good idea to do a story about Bay Area music, but remember who the audience is.

Anthony Cowan
Dallas, Texas

Leighton Kerner 1927–2006

We regret the passing of Leighton Kerner, who covered classical music and opera for the Voice for more than 40 years. He died Saturday in Manhattan at age 79. An enthusiastic, voluble, and lovely man with an appetite for all kinds of music (and dance), Kerner started freelancing for the Voice in June 1961 and was a staff writer from November 1983 to August 2003. Kerner continued to write for the Voice until a few weeks before his death. He also wrote for Opera News and other publications. He will be missed.

And the pitch . . .

The Voice has an immediate opening for a staff writer. We're looking for journalists who understand the difference between magazine-style reporting and the hurried factoid-finding of daily papers.

The ideal candidate must have the ability to create in- depth and compelling stories that explore issues, events, and people. We'd like to see exam- ples of not only your past work but also your current ideas. That means we'd like to see your story pitches.

We offer competitive salaries and benefits. Send cover letter, résumé, clips, and pitches to:

Ward Harkavy
Interim Editor in Chief

The Village Voice
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