MILFs Gone Wild

Jenny McCarthy and others on quickies, pregnancy and "the sexy-mom mystique"

So is "MILF" just a new term for a timeless stereotype? Mamapalooza organizer Alyson Palmer cites June Cleaver, Samantha from Bewitched, and MILF icon Mrs. Robinson to back up her idea that "there's always been a sexy-mom mystique." Palmer acknowledges that mothers may approach life differently from their childless peers. "There's a vulnerability and openness many mothers have that's vastly different from the tight, protective masks many women feel they need to wear in this city."

What have I learned from these MILFs (who, for the record, I adore and admire but don't personally want to fuck)? That being sexy, strong, and sassy doesn't stop once you have a baby. For many, it's less about one's status as a mom than what the role stands for—maturity, nurturing, and wisdom, with a hint of cleavage. "Now that I'm older, I know so much more. A MILF is a powerful sexual being and should be a feminist symbol for both women and men," claims Perkins. As for Staudenmaier, "I don't think a MILF has anything to do with age. It has to do with your attitude and your style. I'm confident I'll still be a MILF when I'm 65."

Jenny McCarthy: A tell-all mama
photo: Courtesy of Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy: A tell-all mama

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