Mindy S. Huie
Dallas, Texas

These illegal folks

Re Sarah Ferguson's "A Day Without Immigrants" [May 2, villagevoice.com]: I like the Voice, and as a former resident of New York City I like to read the online edition. But I have to say, I cannot agree with illegal immigration. What media like the Voice are keeping out is the fact that it is illegal immigration. Heck, my wife came here legally in 1998 and INS/BCIS still has not finalized her status to work. And these illegal folks walk in and get free hospital care—my wife does not. They stop us and ask for health insurance. No insurance, they send us packing. Heck, it was illegal immigrants who made it this way. How? Illegal immigration.

Mike Stephens
Orange City, Florida

Hail to the Queens

Re Nina Lalli's "Eating Like El Vagabond" [Bites, May 4]: I've lived just south of Queens Boulevard on 41st Street for about a year now, and this guy sits there, parked on the corner waiting to take my money. He doesn't care if I ate before commuting home. He doesn't care if I only have $4 to my name. He sits and waits, knowing that my will is no match for the scent of his grilled meats. It's gotten to the point where I have had to divert my walk home from the subway to avoid the temptation. Tacos Mexicanos, as it was (and will be) fondly referred to before it changed to El Vagabond, has become a part of my life and my friends' lives. On the rare occasion I'm able to convince a young woman to accompany me back to Sunnyside after a night of partying in the city, Tacos Mexicanos will flash me a knowing smile. It's the only time I can resist a steak quesadilla. El Vagabond is part of what makes Sunnyside—and all of Queens, the most diversified county in the country—so great.

Constantine James
Sunnyside, Queens

Editor's note

Because of a production error, parts of Michael Feingold's reviews of Shining City, Faith Healer, and Tarzan were omitted from last week's issue. They appear in their entirety this week on page 93.


The photo in Tom Robbins's "Fire Storms" [May 17–23] was incorrectly credited. The photo should have been credited to Staci Schwartz.

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