Ready for Take Off

"That's why we're moving it to Vegas," says Luke Littell, who, along with Laura Herbert, helps Dixie Evans keep Exotic World in the public eye. "It's going to be quite a culture shock, from the old goat farm to sparkling downtown old Vegas, but it will be good. We can't even say how grateful we are to Starshine Burlesque for helping."

Next weekend will be a turning point: The 16th annual Exotic World Pageant and the 49th annual Striptease Reunion will be held in Vegas from May 26 to 28 to celebrate the museum's impending relocation.

Getting the shakes: Miss Delirium Tremens
photo: Norman Blake
Getting the shakes: Miss Delirium Tremens

Meanwhile, at Rififi, the crowd continues to push into its small back-room theater.

"Try to sit down on the floor, sugars," suggests the curvaceous and charismatic World Famous *BOB*, host of the benefit show.

"Man in the glasses!" shouts *BOB*, pointing at Ethan Page, who has charily situated himself, along with Anna Carrigan, on the floor at the foot of the stage. "Just relax! You're doing great!"

The World Famous *BOB* is herself much more relaxed once she has stripped down to pasties, panties, and high heels, the sum total of her outfit for the remainder of the three-hour show.

As enchanting as *BOB*'s improvised big-breast puppet show is, the stars of Starshine are the dancers: Miss Exotic World 2004 Dirty Martini, who can turn one zipper into probable cause; Miss Exotic World first runner-up 2003 Bambi , who gives "lobster tail" a whole new meaning; Miss Exotic World second runner-up 2005 Julie Atlas Muz, who drags a catlike tongue across her armpit before escaping from a coil of rope; Harvest Moon, whose fans are featured prominently in the multiple-title-holding troupe Cantankerous Lollies; Creamy Stevens, who makes a Tom Waits song blush; Miss Delirium Tremens , whose milk-white flesh should, according to *BOB*, be poured into a glass; Little Brooklyn, who conjures the sexy side of disco with mirror balls and silver lamé; and burlesque archivist-instructor Jo Boobs, who whips the stage with her long red hair and twirls tassels both from her boobs and her ass cheeks.

All uphold tradition and advance the cause, proving themselves more than worthy of any burly-q spotlight from New York to the Mojave.

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