USC's Topless Professor

Feminist Diana York Blaine bares her boobs and talks gender equality

Bottom line: You don't have to like Blaine's photos to respect her First Amendment right to post them. Nobody's forcing you to look at them. Hers aren't plastered on her site, and in fact, one must go searching for them—they're hardly blatant attempts to get anyone to ogle her body. Blaine sees the photos as self-expression rather than porn. "I'm not desperately seeking male approval. If I hadn't found some pleasure in the pictures I wouldn't have put them there. For the people who've said, 'Oh god, you're disgusting,' click away. There's lots of other pictures on the Internet, there for exploitative purposes because women need to sell their bodies. I'm privileged to have a choice and was able to operate as an intellectual in spite of the fact that I have a body with boobies on it."

Blaine, who just finished teaching a class on scandal in literature, asks of her anonymous critic, "How un-American can you be? Why are you in college if you have so little faith in the diversity of opinion that is the entire point of a liberal education?"

photo: Courtesy of Diana Blaine

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