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Back on the mainland, the nights seem hotter now that BAILEY BARTSCH BARTON—the son of party queen SUSANNE BARTSCH and gym titan DAVID BARTON—just got his first love letter. From a girl. And he's not repulsed. "I guess he's straight," Bartsch told me over the din at Happy Valley. Oh, dear Antichrist! What went wrong? (Kidding. Straights are people too. Except in the White House—though I must say DUBYA does stand for change: changing history to blame Iraq for 9-11 and changing the Constitution to stop gay marriage!)

While we're talking sexuality talk, EGAN ELLEDGE was one of the biggies at the late, unlamented QTV, which screwed tons of people (like me) out of oodles of money. Well, insult has just been added to gay injury. Ex–Q personality JACK E. JETT says Elledge recently contacted him to try to get his name off the imdb .com credits for Q's old Queer Edge show! (Elledge refused comment when I asked him about this.) Elledge told Jett he feels that some people in the biz aren't cool with gay credits, and I guess he wants to do whatever it takes to fudge things (or un-fudge things) and secure his next job. "Our number one concern is to help Egan get a gig," says Jett, wryly.

Meanwhile, ex–Page Sixer JARED PAUL STERN is staying on the offensive, as it were. He tells me by e-mail, "RON BURKLE and the Daily News are both completely full of crap and they'll find they've made some very costly mistakes in launching this ridiculous smear campaign. Burkle will have to crawl back down his diamond-paved hole and stick to being BILL CLINTON's fluffer. If there's any justice at all, he'll end up with his old pal ANTHONY PELLICANO in jail. And even the mouth-breathing morons who buy the Daily News will find out just what a sack of shit it really is." Rather than ask if he prefers the Post, which fired him, I deleted the e-mail, shaking. That was shhhhcary!

Rosemary's other baby: Farrow, director John Moore, and Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick at the premiere of The Omen
photo: Dani Golomb
Rosemary's other baby: Farrow, director John Moore, and Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick at the premiere of The Omen

A heck of a Heckie

But let's end with some cockle warming and—for those who found my Valley of the Dolls section too au courant—a little education: Eileen Heckart was a brilliant stage-movie-TV actor who filled her acerbic roles with layers of humanity, most notably in life and as the mother of three sons, including theater guy LUKE YANKEE. Well, Yankee's memoir of Mama, Just Outside the Spotlight, is a multi-hankie Heckie-thon that's one of the most compassionate and illuminating showbiz books ever written. There are gossip flashes— Lucille Ball and Mary Pickford as nasty drunks—along with dizzying opening nights and offbeat confrontations, but mostly you come away with the portrait of a towering talent, with an allergy to BS, giving a master class in life—complete with some very challenging assignments—to her awestruck son (who probably has a birthmark of the Ticketmaster number on his head). It's a privilege to be privy to it. End of shinsherity.


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